Adobe solutions are becoming more social.

Social integration
For years, we’ve offered Adobe Social as a standalone social media management solution. But it’s time for that to change. Social has become an integral part of the customer journey and we’ve realized every experience should be more social. As we continue to enhance our digital solutions and look for the best ways to serve our customers, we will build social capabilities into our other products instead of continuing to build a standalone solution. In fact, we’ve already integrated social capabilities into various Adobe Experience Cloud solutions.

Curate and deliver social content with Adobe Experience Manager.

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Manage social messaging apps through Adobe Campaign.

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Use Adobe Audience Manager for social retargeting.

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We’ll keep your social integrated.

Adobe is committed to building an open platform and a unified Experience Cloud. We continue to explore integrated social use cases and establish partnerships with social media management platforms, like Hootsuite, to help brands deliver more personalized, relevant experiences across the entire customer journey.