Master the art of selling.

Successful selling is an outcome of relationship building, self-confidence, calculated persuasion and a clearly crafted communication strategy at various stages of your sales process. Learn all of that and more in this eye-opening series.

Selling Skills catalog

Managing an Enterprise Account (63 mins)

Welcome to the course on "Managing an Enterprise Account". What exactly does an enterprise account look like? Enterprise accounts represent an organization's most important customers.

 Building Relationships (42 mins)

We've all heard that "customers buy from people they like". Building a great personal relationship is a key factor in long-term sales success. This program shows how to solidify the business relationship by strengthening the personal relationship, and provides techniques for getting to know customers better and helping them to open up.

Territory Development - Introduction (34 mins)

In this program we are going to discuss how sales have changed in the 21st century, the new sales skills required, the sales funnel, how customers want to be sold to and undersand what exceptional service means to customers

Objections Series (17 mins)

Real selling doesn't begin until we hear, "No". Not all objections can be overcome in the same way. Watch this course to learn how to overcome misunderstandings and turn "No" into "Yes!".

 Characteristics of the Sale (33 mins)

Sales vary throughout the year. In general, a potential customer goes through a series of questions to determine if he or she should even talk to you. You need a plan to overcome these barriers and to get in front of the customer.

Selling Skills - Introduction (56 mins)

Today's customers are busy with no time to waste on forming personal relationships with their sellers. Learning the Quicksell is fast, easy, and it works!

 Lead Development (14 mins)

Do you have an elevator pitch? You need to have one for what your company does and one for each of the solutions you are responsible for selling. In this program we'll review what an elevator pitch is.

 Sales Communications (19 mins)

It can be very easy for your team to only focus on their sales goals, territory or customer base. That's their job, sure, but they're also part of the bigger sales organization.

Selling at a Distance (27 mins)

If a salesperson isn't looking for new clients in new areas, they won't make their sales quota. The purpose of prospecting is to create a pipeline of qualified customers and potential customers.

Territory Administration (21 mins)

Record keeping is crucial for good salespeople. We all know that it's one of those tasks that no one wants to do. Let's wade through records and record keeping.

Territory Management (28 mins)

There are a couple of ways you could find yourself managing a new sales territory. Your company could have expanded or an employee left the company. This course will address both.

 The Sales Process (27 mins)

When you're dealing with people who are making decisions, you need to understand their value set, which can vary by personality type. William Moulton Marston wrote a book called Emotions of Normal People which characterizes people using the letters D, I, S, and C. This course can help you determine where your potential customers fall on the DISC chart.

Leverage the Science of Sales Success (30 mins)

Summarize what integrity, sales, and system means when it comes to sales performance, explain the benefits of practicing and following the Integrity Sales System, Name the six steps of the Integrity Sales process and describe the flexibility built into the Integrity Sales process

 Kickstart Your Pipeline (30 mins)

Name the purpose and plays (high-closing behaviors) of the fulfillment & follow-up routine, construct personalized Fulfillment & Follow-up plays, collect compelling and powerful testimonials from your customers and explain why fulfillment and follow up can (and often should) be the beginning of the sales process.

Pitch Like a Pro (30 mins)

Name the purpose and Plays (high-closing behaviors) of the case open routine, write personalized case open plays and deliver case open plays with confidence.

Build Benefits Your Buyers Buy (30 mins)

Differentiate between features, advantages, and benefits, explain the importance of focusing on benefits, avoid the biggest mistake salespeople make when pitching their product, refine your personalized benefits, play to intensify prospect interest and deliver your benefits, play with confidence.

 Schedule the next Event (30 mins)

Define the purpose of the Schedule Next Event Play, describe the essential components of an effective Schedule Next Event play, explain the need to establish a mutually-understood purpose and write a personalized Schedule Next Event Play.

Uncover Needs and Goals Together (30 mins)

Name the purpose and Plays (high-closing behaviors) of the Needs Audit routine, order the Need Audit queries, ask probing discovery questions, prepare a customized Needs Audit Play for a current or potential prospect and build a hypothesis about a prospect's needs and likely solution.

 Sell the Solution (30 mins)

Name the purpose and Plays (high-closing behaviors) of the Solution Presentation routine, describe the elements in the Proposal and Service Levels & Pricing Plays, propose a powerful solution that sets mutual expectations and shows your prospect how you will deliver the benefits and prepare a customized Solution Presentation Play for a current or potential prospect.

Solidify the Commitment (30 mins)

Name the purpose and Plays (high-closing behaviors) of the Call to Action Close Play that primes a prospect to say yes to a Close request in a way that is authentic and not pushy. Prepare a Call to Action Close play for a current or potential prospect.

 Close Difficult Deals (30 mins)

Name the Plays (high-closing behaviors) in the Adapted Solution routine, describe appropriate situations for using the Adapted Solution routine, name the plays in the Closing Interaction routine, describe appropriate situations for using  the Closing Interaction routine and construct a Give-Get Play for a current or potential prospect.

 Identify True Buyer Objections (30 mins)

Name the purpose and Plays (high-closing behaviors) of the Overcoming Objections 1 routine, identify and diagnose red flags that indicate an objection is present, use active listening and open-ended questions to truly understand the nature and extent of an objection, evaluate an objection to properly solve it and prepare an Overcoming Objections Play for a current or potential prospect.

 Manage Objections Gracefully (30 mins)

Name the purpose and Plays (high-closing behaviors) of the Overcoming Objections 2 routine, distinguish between simple and complex objections, resolve a prospect’s objections with respect and empathy, identify when and how to minimize an objection and prepare a Resolve Play for a common objection.

 Sales Management (12 mins)

Sales Management is a business discipline which is focused on the practical application of sales techniques and the management of a firm's sales operations.

Selling Pitch (20 mins)

 In selling technique, a sales presentation or sales pitch is a line of talk that attempts to persuade someone to purchase.

Sales Process (24 mins)

Sales process is a set of repeatable steps that a sales person takes to get a prospective buyer from the early stage of awareness to closure.

Selling Strategies (32 mins)

A Sales Strategy is an approach to selling, that allows an organization's sales force to position the company and its product(s) to target customers in a meaningful, differentiated way.

Making the Sales Call (51 mins)

A Sales Call is a visual and systematic approach to selling a product or service.

Sales Relationship (21 mins)

Sales Relationship is, as the name implies, a sales technique based around using relationships to close sales. 

Please note that these courses are in English. Some may have captions available in German, French or Spanish. 

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