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Need your PDF in a photo-friendly format without sacrificing image quality? Adobe Acrobat is the ultimate conversion tool, making it easy to convert PDF files into photo-friendly formats such as:

  • TIFF (Tag Image File Format)
  • PNG (Portable Network Graphics)
  • JPG (Joint Photographic Experts Group)

High quality


With our converter, you can transform files from a PDF format to an image format that supports millions of colours and produces great image quality on any operating system.

Easy extraction

Easy extraction

If you have a PDF document full of pictures, you can easily extract all or some of these. They can then be turned into image files, thanks to quick conversion tools.

More options

More options

Choose the file type that meets your needs, from TIFF, PNG, or JPEG file formats. Changing a PDF to an image file gives you a smaller file size that's easier and faster to share previews or post online.

How to change a PDF into an image file:

  • Open Adobe Acrobat Pro and choose file.
  • Export to the new file format by going to the right pane and choosing the Export PDF tool. Alternatively, go to the menu and select File > Export to > Image.
  • Choose image format type
  • Click Export.
  • In Save As dialogue box, save your file. Select the location, rename the file if needed, then click Save.
    Tip: If saving multiple PDF pages as images, each page will be saved as a separate image file.

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