Unleash your team’s creativity with Adobe Creative Cloud for teams.

Creative Cloud for teams is the perfect solution for efficiently producing all your creative work, across all your connected teams in a secured business environment. It offers exclusive tools and services to help your teams collaborate effectively and organise their creative work in a smarter way.
Unleash your team’s creativity with Adobe Creative Cloud for teams.
Learn how the admin console puts you at the helm of your team’s creativity. It enables you to easily set up and manage users, creative apps and services, giving you more time to focus on your business.

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How the admin console puts you in control of your team’s creativity.

Creative Cloud comes with unique tools that enable your team to easily manage all of your Adobe solutions. These videos explain what the admin console is and how to use it.
Identification types

Identification types.

Learn the differences between an Adobe ID and Creative Cloud membership. Discover how easy it is to manage, assign and re-assign licenses using the admin console.

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Getting started with the admin console

Getting started with the admin console.

Learn how to use the admin console to download software updates, add and assign roles to new admins and buy additional licences.

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Installation options

Installation options.

The admin console makes it easy to offer your designers offer self-service so they can download and install whatever Creative Cloud products they need.

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User and licence management made simple.

The admin console is the central hub that manages all of your team’s Adobe products. But it’s a lot more than that. Get a quick and clear overview of who is assigned a Creative Cloud licence, how to download software updates and managing support tickets.
User and licence management
Adding and managing users

Adding and managing users.

You can import users easily using the admin console and then group them by team, location or media to make them even easier to manage.

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Assigning and re-assigning users.

Assigning and re-assigning users.

Assign licences to designers using the admin console by simply clicking their name and choosing the appropriate licence.

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Ordering extra Creative Cloud licences

Ordering extra Creative Cloud licences.

It’s quicker and easier to order additional Creative Cloud licences directly from the admin console. You can then assign them however you wish.

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What else can the admin console do?

You can also use the admin console to select how your designers are identified, manage how new software updates are installed and access technical and design expert support as and when you need it.
Managing updates.

Managing updates.

You can opt to enable users to update directly, build a completely new package of updates using the admin console or deploy software across the entire network. Choose a method that suits your team best.

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Getting support.

Getting support.

You can use the admin console to log a support ticket or chat directly with a support-agent for technical support, 24/7. You can even book a 30-min session with a product expert.

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