Make it with Creative Cloud

Session 1 – Ideate and Create (23 mins)

Set up your team for success as you discover how to see a project through from start to finish with the tools that will help you stay on
top of it all. Dive into creative applications like Adobe Illustrator and InDesign to bring your big ideas to life.

Session 2 – Super Powers (25 mins)

Dive into the world of digital imaging and collaboration. Uncover the superpowers of Adobe Photoshop, Substance, and Adobe Stock, from
3D photography and virtual imaging to retouching. Plus, experience limitless creativity with generative AI as your creative co-pilot.  

Session 3 – Speed and Ease (26 mins)

Keeping pace with content. Jump in and experience a fast-paced creative adventure. Create and collaborate on video content with Premiere
Pro, and Frame IO, and see how the latest creative powerhouse – Adobe Express – uses all the power of Creative Cloud with templates,
branding and social media scheduling.