Adobe Express: Pervasive creativity for the enterprise

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Enterprise creative workflows are complex, but that doesn’t mean they must be slow and inefficient. New research from Pfeiffer Consulting shows that integrating Adobe Express into creative and content workflows increases productivity by 6X. And with Adobe Firefly, generative AI takes creativity to the next level. 

According to the Pfeiffer report Adobe Express: Pervasive Creativity for the Enterprise, Adobe Express with Firefly helps enterprises boost creativity and streamline content production in a number of ways including:

  • Accelerated workflows. Adobe Express can make creative teams on average more than six times faster than teams using other pro-level applications.  
  • Enhanced collaboration. Adobe Express equips creative teams with easy-to-use tools that enable creative professionals and non-designers to seamlessly collaborate on content creation while ensuring that their output is fresh and on-brand.  
  • Pervasive creativity. Adobe Express encourages the flourishing of pervasive creativity across the enterprise, as teams are able to easily generate and iterate new ideas to spark fresh thinking and open new avenues for brand expression. 
  • On-brand execution. Adobe Express features like template locking, style guides, and branding elements ensure that content produced with Adobe Express is always on-brand.