Bringing new light to Place de l’Ellipse

Parisian street photographer Flora Métayer gives you a different perspective on a city you thought you knew.

Bringing new light to Place de l’Ellipse

How Flora got this shot


To lift this hypnotic shot to even more dizzying heights, Flora gets down to details with the brush tool and radial gradient tool.

Place de l’Ellipse image

1. Do the basics

Flora uses the lens correction tool in the optics panel to quickly correct chromatic aberration and lens distortion. She then uses the geometry panel to adjust the perspective.

Place de l’Ellipse image

2. Adjust the lighting in the light panel

In the light panel, Flora increases the contrast, brings down the highlights and reduces the whites and blacks.

Place de l’Ellipse image

3. Creating a contrast with the colour mixer

Using the colour mixer in the colour panel, Flora selects the blue tones, cools them down slightly and then increases the saturation to create a more intense colour in the glass panels. She increases the saturation in the orange tones too, playing up the contrast between them.

Place de l’Ellipse image

4. Get even more control with the brush tool

For more precision, Flora uses the brush tool to make fine adjustments to specific parts of her image. Flora increases the highlights and shadows, decreases the saturation and increases the contrast before applying these adjustments to the central area of the dome. She then increases the exposure and contrast, ups the lights and lowers the blacks and applies these effects to the outer areas of the image.

About the brush tool

With the brush tool you can paint your adjustments in to specific parts of your image. Use the sliders in the panel to set the adjustments you’ll be adding. You can switch the brush for an eraser to remove the effect from certain areas, or click on the plus icon to create a new brush to add different effects.

Place de l’Ellipse image

5. Edit selectively with a radial gradient

Flora uses the radial gradient tool to add contrast to the centre of the dome. She checks the ‘invert’ box so that her changes will apply inside her radial gradient area. Flora then brings all the sliders back to the centre before increasing the contrast slider to 30.

About the radial gradient tool

With the radial gradient tool, you can add effects like highlight, clarity, brightening, darkening or vignette to just one specific part of your image. Select the tool then click and drag on the image to create an oval radial gradient area. By default, the settings for this tool apply to the area outside the oval – select ‘invert’ to reverse this. Then use the slider to alter the effects inside your radial gradient.

Place de l’Ellipse image

6. Sharpen up with the dehaze tool

Finally, in the effects panel, Flora increases the clarity slightly and uses the dehaze tool to make the image sharper.

About the dehaze tool

Haze is caused when particles in the air scatter light, making your image indistinct and blurry. The dehaze tool intelligently adjusts the contrast in certain parts of your image to reduce haze.

Flora Metayer

Flora Métayer

French photographer and Instagramer, Flora Metayer draws inspiration from her city and the diversity she finds there. Flora’s modern reflection of street culture and urban trends has found favour with brands like Adidas, Nikon, Coca-Cola, Google, Nike, Reebok and many more.

Photography has given Flora a new way of looking and, by teaching her to observe and understand it, helped her rediscover her home city. She’d like to show you how, with Lightroom CC, you can see the place you call home in a new light.

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