Crossing into a new dimension on Japan Bridge

Flora turns a walk over this well-known bridge into a celebration of transparency and light.

Crossing into a new dimension on Japan Bridge

How Flora got this shot


Playing with colour and light, Flora turns this glass bridge completely transparent, so the city floods in.

Japan Bridge image

1. Basic adjustments

Flora begins by increasing the exposure and contrast, reducing the highlights and increasing the shadows. She also brings up the whites and slightly increases the blacks.

Japan Bridge image

2. Be selective with the linear gradient tool

To add a blue, cinematic effect to certain parts of her image, Flora goes to the selective edits panel to add a linear gradient. She introduces a blue-green colour to the left and right sides of the image, as well as increasing the clarity and the sharpness, and moving the noise reduction slider to the left.

About the linear gradient tool

The linear gradient tool is another way of editing just part of your image. It works particularly well when there are straight edges in your image so it’s useful for selectively editing the sky or sides of buildings. In the selective edits panel select the square with a gradient in. You’ll see a shaded red band which you can move until you’re happy. Then you can set the effects you want your linear gradient to apply.

Japan Bridge image

3. Tone things down in the colour mixer

Flora uses the colour mixer in the colour panel to adjust the colours throughout the image. She selects yellow and reduces the saturation so the floor of the bridge becomes more monochrome and then increase the luminance. She does the same for the green tones.

About the colour mixer

Want to (subtly or dramatically) change the colours in your image? You can use the colour mixer to control different colours individually. Select a colour and then move the sliders to change its hue, saturation (intensity) and luminance (how vibrant the colour is).


Japan Bridge image

4. Attention to detail with the adjustment brush

Flora goes back to the selective edits panel to use the adjustment brush. She applies it to the central part of her shot and then increases the clarity in that area to 74. She increases the highlights, lowers the noise reduction and increases sharpness.

About the adjustment brush

Like its cousins the radial and linear gradient tools, the adjustment brush lets you choose where to apply edits. ‘Paint’ the brush onto your image (it will show up in red) and use the eraser if you need to remove sections. Then use the usual editing tools to set the adjustments which will apply in the brushed area. Hit the plus icon to add a new brush.

Flora Metayer

Flora Métayer

French photographer and Instagramer, Flora Metayer draws inspiration from her city and the diversity she finds there. Flora’s modern reflection of street culture and urban trends has found favour with brands like Adidas, Nikon, Coca-Cola, Google, Nike, Reebok and many more.

Photography has given Flora a new way of looking and, by teaching her to observe and understand it, helped her rediscover her home city. She’d like to show you how, with Lightroom CC, you can see the place you call home in a new light.

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