Explore photography’s wild side with Lightroom tips from George the Explorer.


Meet George the Explorer.

  • George Turner Biography
  • George Turner is a 20-something wildlife photographer who ditched his desk job to chase his dream. He’ll teach you the basics of using your camera and Lightroom CC to tell breath-taking stories.


Learn Lightroom CC basics.

George captures incredible images on location in Africa and then teaches you simple editing skills you can use to enhance your own images wherever you are.

Tutorial 1  
1. Crop for perfect composition.

With this image of a young female leopard taken in Ruaha National Park, Tanzania, George shows you how to use the Crop tool to dramatically change the composition of your image – and the story it tells.

Tutorial 2  
2. Brighten eyes with the Brush tool.

In Ruaha National Park, Tanzania, George photographs a lioness lying in the grass. Then he reveals how to use the Brush tool to bring eyes to life and get your subject looking just as captivating as you remember.

Tutorial 3  
3. Use Sharpening to bring out the details.

In this portrait of Romeo, one of the Masai Mara’s most famous male lions, George demonstrates how to make details more striking using the Sharpening tool.

Tutorial 4  
4. Dial up the drama with Split Toning.

George photographs a cheetah in Kenya, then shows you how to use Split Toning to balance and add colour to the highlights and shadows.

Tutorial 5  
5. Edit on the fly with Lightroom Mobile.

After a close encounter with a serval cat, George proves how simple it is to edit images in Lightroom CC for mobile. Here’s how to make any photo shine in minutes – using just your mobile.

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