Voice recording software and tools.

Make voiceovers, narration and commentary with professional voice recording software. Use powerful recording tools to capture top-quality audio with Adobe Audition, a full-featured voice recording app. Add narration to a video in real time or make a voiceover from a script and edit it to fit on-screen action.

Record a podcast that sounds crisp and clear, with noise reduction and automatic levelling. Create better content with Adobe Creative Cloud integration. Make the difference with sophisticated and easy-to-use voice recording software.

Make voiceovers, narration and commentary with professional voice recording software

Sound, video, photography and design. Creative Cloud has you covered.

How do you record good quality voice?

You can capture professional voice recordings easily with the right equipment, environment and process.

  • Equipment. You’ll need a good microphone suited to where you will be recording, headphones to check audio levels and a microphone stand that limits movement and reduces the risk of picking up unwanted noise.

  • Environment. Once you’ve got all the gear, find a good location to start your voice recording. Anywhere indoors is best where possible, as you’ll be isolated from a lot of external noise. Avoid recording near open windows, fridges, noisy computers and anything else that could interfere. Also avoid rooms where sound can bounce and echo around, as this will show up when you play back your recording. When recording outside, keep away from vehicles, busy roads and woodland areas full of birds – unless you want to capture background sounds.

  • Process. Always speak close to the microphone, record separate tracks where possible and back everything up. Even if it’s not perfect, you can always touch it up later with editing software.

Shoot, edit and share online videos. Fast and easy.

Adobe Premiere Rush

Adobe Premiere Rush.

Premiere Rush is the all-new, all-in-one video software that makes capturing, editing and sharing online videos fast and easy. It works on all your devices, is simple to use and will transform the way you create.

Whether you’re into video editing for YouTube or any other channel, Premiere Rush makes going from shoot to show time easier than ever — from anywhere.

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Create and edit videos for Youtube.

Add and record voiceovers
Without leaving your editing workspace, you can tap a button and record a voiceover directly in your project.

Control audio levels
Slider control lets you control the volume of audio clips or mute them.

Automatically lower the volume of music when voices are detected.

Advanced audio tools 
Make videos sound great with Adobe Sensei AI and intuitive tools for sound balancing, noise reduction, enhanced speech and more.

Available cross-device
Edit on your phone, tablet, Mac or PC — wherever. Your edits are automatically synced so you always have access to your latest versions.

Share to social
Share directly to social media sites like YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and more — even publish to multiple sites at once.

What is the best software for voice recording?

Asking these questions will help you narrow down your options for video recording software:

  • Is the software compatible with the audio files you’ll need to upload to your chosen platform?
  • Does it have all the features you need for your voice recording project?
  • Is the program compatible with your operating system and devices?
  • Is the sound quality output sufficient?

Adobe Audition is widely regarded as the best software for voice recording - ideal for professional podcasts, radio programs and more. Its editing tools let you add effects and amend noisy backgrounds, through an easy-to-use interface

Make it sound better with pro voice recording software.

Make it sound better with pro voice recording software.
Adobe Audition

Adobe Audition.

Your recordings have to sound good whether you’re working in radio, podcast, film, TV or web production. Comprehensive controls let you record, repair and enhance voice recordings for professional sound quality. With dynamic effects, you can create smooth transitions and improve clarity.

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Noise and hiss reduction
Take out hiss and noise from your voice recordings. Sophisticated controls let you fix noisy tape by using noise prints, focusing on different frequencies and using multiple tools and filters on the same recording.


Dynamically reduce music and other sound tracks during voiceovers. Auto-ducking lightly reduces background sound during narration to improve clarity and comprehension.

Speech synthesis
No voice talent handy to record? Convert text to speech for natural-sounding voiceovers. Choose from different languages and voice characteristics or add your own.

Dynamics effect 
The parameters you can adjust with the Dynamics effect include AutoGate, Compressor, Expander and Limiter. Make advanced enhancements to your audio quickly and simply.

Keyboard shortcuts
Work more quickly and effectively using the Visual Keyboard Shortcut Editor. Drag and drop your favourite functions onto keys and apply modifiers to make instant edits.

Media Encoder integration
Output directly to Adobe Media Encoder. With presets for radio, podcast, web, film and TV production, you can produce optimised audio files for your project.

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