Features of marketing attribution.

Features of marketing attribution.

See the impact of every customer interaction.

Understand the complete sequence of events that lead to conversion, from web visits to email campaigns to display impressions and beyond. Adobe Analytics provides improved intelligence — including algorithmic and rules-based attribution models — so you can make better marketing investments





360-degree customer view

Conduct cross-channel marketing attribution across display, social, paid search and email, as well as off-line channels like direct mail, radio, billboards and television.

Retroactive event processing

Tie your newly acquired customers’ behaviour to their past web behaviour to understand their actions across multiple channels and over a broad time spun.
Out-of-the-box attribution rules
Measure marketing effectiveness using easy-to-apply, rules-based attribution models including Starter-Player-Closer, Participation, Latency Scoring, Customised Weighted Models and more.

Algorithmic attribution

Leverage advanced statistics and machine learning to objectively determine the impact of each marketing touch along a customer’s journey toward conversion – so you can get a better understanding of campaign effectiveness.

Contribution analysis

Powerful machine learning from Adobe Sensei helps Analytics instantly identify contributing factors to significant changes and anomalies in your data insights.

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