Request and deploy Adobe Express for Education. Free for K12.

Empower your students and teachers to build essential skills for a digital world.

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Adobe Express and Google app licensing

Bringing creativity to Chromebook classrooms everywhere.

Deploy Adobe Express on Chromebooks

Get started

Adobe has partnered with Google to make it easy for IT Admins to request and deploy unlimited free Adobe Express for Education licenses to all students via Google app licensing. Complete the form at the link above to start:

Request Licenses.
Fill out the brief form with basic information about your school/district. An Adobe rep will ensure the request is from a valid local education agency (LEA) and approve the request.
Redeem Licenses in the Google Admin Console
Once approved by Adobe, admins will receive an email prompting them to redeem their requested Adobe Express licenses. Click the link to the Google Admin Console and click “Redeem.”
Add users and turn on the tool
Within the Google Admin Console, add user groups to the Adobe Express app and turn on the app by making it visible to all students on Chromebooks in less than 5 clicks.

That’s it! With Adobe Express deployed through Google app licensing, every student in your school or district can seamlessly access simple, yet powerful creative features to help them show what they know in more visually appealing, personally meaningful ways.

Whether you’re an existing Adobe Express for K12 school or district using Chromebooks, or totally new to Adobe, this process will help you quickly and easily bring the creative power of Adobe Express to your students.

Adobe Express Education Deployment

Bringing creativity to classrooms everywhere

Deploy Adobe Express for Education in Your District

Request an Adobe Education Admin Console

Get started

Adobe can federate users with Microsoft Azure, Google, Clever, Classlink or with any SAML 2.0 Identity provider. Follow steps below to set up free Adobe Express for K-12 accounts district-wide:

Request an Admin Console by selecting Get Started and completing a simple form
An Adobe rep will check your details and send you a VIP invite and accept the terms and conditions to gain access to an Adobe Admin Console. Once logged in to your Adobe Admin Console, set your organisation type as K-12. Accept the free Adobe Express for K-12 offer and agree to additional K-12 privacy terms on behalf of the institution.
Create a Federated Directory
Connect to your primary identity provider and enable any secondary identity providers like Google OIDC, Clever or Classlink.
Verify ownership of your domain/s
This can be completed using your Microsoft Azure or Google Global Administrator account. Alternatively, you can validate your ownership via a DNS token.
Sync users to Adobe
You can automatically sync users and groups from your chosen directory source with options of AzureGoogle, Clever, Classlink or the Adobe User Sync Tool.
Assign Adobe Express
Assign the Adobe Express product profile to the user groups created in step 4 to enable your users to start creating!
Share a simple URL for users to log in to Adobe Express

Place this link on your Microsoft Waffle, Pin to the Chromebook taskbar, district app launch pads, managed bookmarks or SSO Portal.

(replace with one of your claimed domains from the federation setup).

Add Relevant Education Integrations
Integrate Adobe Express within the tools most familiar to your users to make login, turn-in, and grading a breeze. Current integrations include Clever SSO, ClassLink SSOCanvas LMS, and Google Classroom Add-On, with more like Schoology on the way!

If you need help once you have access to the Adobe Admin Console, book a free call with our team

Have additional deployment questions? Refer to deployment guide

Foster powerful learning experiences with Adobe Express.

Improve project-based learning. Studies have shown the value of creativity in the classroom and the workforce. 82% of professionals wish they’d had more exposure to creative thinking as students.

Make creativity fun and easy for every student.

Fun is the key to engaging your students, and we make it easy for them to flex their creativity in Adobe Express. This all-in-one creative app for beginners empowers your students to make anything they dream up — all in one place in a few quick steps. They’ll start with easy-to-use, education-focused templates, and from there they can decide how best to bring their ideas to life, communicate what they know, and make something they’ll be proud to share.

Available from your browser. Adobe Express is made for the web, so your students can create stories from any browser, on any device, including Chromebooks. The apps are also available on iOS and Android.

Find instructional support for any lesson you imagine.

Adobe Express works with your go-to lessons and curricula to remove any roadblocks to classroom engagement. There’s no need to come up with new materials or assignments — just have students create their reflections, reports,

and presentations right in the app. And if you need a shot of inspiration or a helping hand, you’ll find free lesson plans and PD courses on the Adobe Education Exchange so you

and your students can create easier, stand out faster, and dream bigger.

Incredibly easy to use. Everything you need is included – templates, fonts, music, and a huge variety of photos. Guidance is provided along the way to help your students develop design superpowers and build creative confidence.

Give students key skills for future success.

With Adobe Express, students can build the creative and persuasive communication skills they need to be ready for next year and their future careers. All they need is an idea, and they can show their thinking in standout creative work that they’ll feel inspired to keep improving as they push the limits of their imagination. Plus, the app is all about teamwork, so students can get things done faster and build their collaboration chops.

Safety is built in. Adobe Express is built with privacy and safety in mind, and offers safe search for images and videos. In addition, you can use it in accordance with COPPA and similar EU laws if you obtain parental consent.

Safety is built in.

Adobe Express is built with privacy and safety in mind, and offers safe search for images and videos. In addition, you can use it in accordance with COPPA and similar EU laws if you obtain parental consent.

Effortless deployment with smart integrations.

We want your institution to start igniting creativity in the classroom as quickly as possible with Adobe Express for Education, so we’ve made it simple to deploy. Once you’ve completed the sign-up process, you’ll be able to add the users to the Adobe Admin Console and assign the application to them.

To make things even easier, Adobe has worked to bring effortless integration systems with Microsoft and Google for Education. Users can be quickly authenticated using Microsoft Azure or Google Connector, simplifying the single-sign-on setup process to just a few minutes.

Frequently asked questions.

I have an Adobe Admin Console already, do I need a new one for Adobe Express?
Good news, you do not need a new console but can access Adobe Express within your existing Adobe Admin Console. Login to and then click on Products and select Adobe Express.
My school is not using Google or Azure – can I still give access to Adobe Express to my students?
Google Workspace or Google are simple to synchronize users and enable Single Sign-On. You can use another SAML-based authentication. There is another method known as Enterprise IDs. This requires you to prove ownership of a domain and upload users via CSV. The users will be sent an invite to their email addresses. Their password is stored with Adobe and may require 2-factor authentication for logging in.
Can the school use generic user accounts and share them?
Adobe Express relies on each user having their individual access. Multiple logins to the same account may trigger two factor authentication codes to be entered to login. There is also the risk of documents being deleted or edited by others using the same account.
Do I need to install/deploy the software to the computers?
No, Adobe Express is browser-based. Students and teachers simply need to login at, login, and they can start creating.
What is the privacy policy?
Adobe takes student data privacy very seriously. Please visit to view our privacy policies and learn more about how our deployment process protects your students’ data.
Can Adobe Express be used off-line?
Adobe Express is a web-based application and requires a stable internet connection.
Are there any costs involved in using Adobe Express?
Adobe Express for Education includes Premium features and is free to K-12 Educational Institutions. You can check eligibility here.

Helpful resources to support the journey.

You’ve got Adobe Express for Education – what next? We have three key resources to provide you with all the guidance and support you might need to get started and get the most from deploying this creative software across your institution.

Teaching Resources

Dip into our learning calendar, linking educational days to easy-to-use resources to liven up your teaching throughout the year. From Earth Day to Superhero Day, you’ll find ideas for students at all levels designed to make teaching and learning fun all year round.

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The Adobe Helpx is an alive and growing resource for support and technical documents. Adobe Help pages are well indexed on Google – to search, include keywords ‘Helpx Adobe’ and then your query. This is often the most efficient way to find support for Adobe tools.

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The Adobe Education Exchange (EdEx) is our free learning platform and community, with workshops, classes, and resources, all designed by educators for educators, to ignite creativity in the classroom.

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