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Empower your students and teachers to build essential skills for a digital world.

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Adobe Express (previously known as Adobe Spark) helps to drive creativity in the classroom and develop essential skills for a digital world. But it doesn’t happen without your IT department.


As the IT admin, you’re the champion of digital transformation in your institution. It’s your responsibility to provide a safe and secure platform for digital learning, and to implement the digital strategy across every department.


Adobe appreciates what you do for teachers and students to make digital learning and creativity in the classroom possible – this site will guide you through everything you need to request and deploy Adobe Express, Premiere Rush, and Photoshop Express for Education.


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Empower creativity with Adobe Express

Adobe Express, Premiere Rush, and Photoshop Express for Education empowers students and teachers to easily create and share visual stories – on any device..

Adobe Express.

Turn field trip journals, lab reports and case studies into stunning presentations and attention-grabbing web pages. Students can choose their layout, theme, and fonts, and off they go.

Includes Premiere Rush.

Transform a book report, a physics explainer, or a poetry analysis into a captivating video. By exploring the powerful features, students can customise their content and make it look and sound incredible.

Includes Photoshop Express.

Photoshop Express makes it easy to design standout graphics for science fair posters, social studies infographics, maths flashcards, and more. Students can pick a template or design a new one from scratch.

Foster powerful learning experiences with Adobe Express.

Improve project-based learning.

Studies have shown the value of creativity in the classroom and the workforce. 82% of professionals wish they’d had more exposure to creative thinking as students.

Available from your browser.

Adobe Express is made for the web, so your students can create stories from any browser, on any device, including Chromebooks. The apps are also available on iOS and Android.

Incredibly easy to use.

Everything you need is included – templates, fonts, music, and a huge variety of photos. Guidance is provided along the way to help your students develop design superpowers and build creative confidence.

Safety is built in.

Adobe Express is built with privacy and safety in mind, and offers safe search for images and videos. In addition, you can use it in accordance with COPPA and similar EU laws if you obtain parental consent.

Sign up in a few easy steps. 

Step One: You request Adobe Express for Education.

Step Two: We send confirmation of your form submission.

Step Three: We check whether your institution has an existing Adobe Admin Console. If it does, we’ll check if Adobe Express has already been deployed. If so, we’ll send you an email explaining how to get started. If not, we’ll email you deployment self-help and further support options.

Step Four: If your institution has no existing Adobe Admin Console, we’ll create one – then follow up with deployment self-help and support options to get you started.

Step Five: We will aim to complete setup within 48 hours, but it could take up to a week, depending on the number of requests and technical requirements. Your students and staff can then begin their creative journey.


Request Adobe Express

Effortless deployment with smart integrations.

We want your institution to start igniting creativity in the classroom as quickly as possible with Adobe Express for Education, so we’ve made it simple to deploy. Once you’ve completed the sign-up process, you’ll be able to add the users to the Adobe Admin Console and assign the application to them.

To make things even easier, Adobe has worked to bring effortless integration systems with Microsoft and Google for Education. Users can be quickly authenticated using Microsoft Azure or Google Connector, simplifying the single-sign-on setup process to just a few minutes.

Please  note  that  Adobe Spark  is  now  Adobe  Creative Cloud  express.  The  guidance  in the  video  is  the  same.

Microsoft Azure AD Connector

Learn how to connect Microsoft Azure AD to your Adobe Admin Console, so you can start your Adobe Express deployment.

Google Classroom

Learn how to connect Google Classroom to your Adobe Admin Console, so you can start your Adobe Express deployment. 


Got questions about how to roll out Adobe Express, Premiere Rush, and Photoshop Express for Education in your institution? Here are our answers to some of the questions we get asked most frequently.

General FAQ

Good news, you do not need a new console but can access Adobe Express within your existing Adobe Admin Console. Login to and then click on Products and select Adobe Express.

Google Workspace or Google are simple to syncronise users and enable Single Sign-On. You can use other SAML based authentication. There is another method know as Enterprise IDs. This requires you to prove ownership of a domain and upload users via CSV. The users will be sent an invite to their email address. Their password is stored with Adobe and may require 2 factor authentication for loggin in.

Adobe Express relies on each user having their individual access. Multiple logins to the same account may trigger two factor authentication codes to be entered to login. There is also the risk of documents being deleted or edited by others using the same account.

No, Adobe Express is browser-based. Students and teachers simply need to login at, login, and they can start creating.

This is not a problem you can use multipe domains on the same Adobe Admin Console Directory.

We have designed this page to help you understand how Adobes solutions comply with local student privacy requirements. 

Adobe Adobe Express for Education has a specific student privacy policy enabling or student accounts. To be compliant with this policy you are only permitted to use Enterprise ID's or Federated ID's.

Adobe Express is a web-based application and requires a stable internet connection.

Adobe Express for Education includes Premium features and is free to Educational Instiutions.

IT Technical Support FAQ

Go to the products tab and accept the terms and conditions for Adobe Express. You will need to identify that you are K-12 (primary/secondary school) customer.

We have connector tools available for Google workspace and Microsoft 365. Additionally other SAML based authentication is supported.

The Google and Microsoft sync tools use the SCIM protocol for syncing users. This is a push synchronisation from Microsoft or Google. Check the status within your Microsoft or Google Admin console for any errors in the log files.

Create a new group in the Adobe admin console called Adobe Express. 

Edit the group Adobe Express and assign the product profile of Adobe Adobe Express to that group

and the users tab of the admin console click on the ... And edit users by CSV

from the dialogue window download the existing users from the admin console.

open the CSV file and edit the column for group name and add Adobe Express for all users

Save the file and upload the Adobe admin console.

you need to carry out this action regularly to ensure new users get access to Adobe Adobe Express

Depending on your Microsoft subscription will provide different levels of functionality in Microsoft Azure customers on E3 will not be able to selectively sync groups. You you will have to sync all user groups from your Azure Active Directory.

if you have an E5 subscription, you can selectively sync specific groups and create dynamic groups for example and all users group which includes any active accounts in your Azure Active Directory.

Check your Microsoft 365/Azure Subscription

An E3 subscription will not allow you to select groups, so in this case, all users must be selected in the Azure Portal which will then synchronise with the Adobe Admin Console. Should you need to create groups - create them in the console and assign the users to the group.

E5 subscribers will be able to select dynamic groups in the Azure Portal which can then be selected in the console once synchronised.

You can have Google as your identity provider and disable the sync from Google and replace with the use a sync tool running on a server that has access to your Active Directory. Please raise a support ticket to do this within your admin console under the support tab.

With Federated ID's we require an email address to identify the user but we do not need the user to be able to access their mailbox.

Many cloud services allow to to create user email addresses and disable the mailbox functionality. This will only work for Federated ID’s.

Currently, the only IDp initiated SSO supported is from Clever or Classlink. Other users must visit and select log in with a school account and enter the email address to be redirected to your identity provider.

Yes, this requires a server or machine with Internet access that you can schedule tasks for. To do this you would need to set up the user sync tool and use an extension hook.

No, all users must first be added to the Adobe Admin Console and have a product assigned for access. If a user authenticates without a product assigned they will be presented with an error message.

Within the Adobe Admin Console, you will have access to a support tab to create a ticket, chat with the support team or dial a local number.

Within the products tab in Admin Console select Adobe Adobe Express and click on default product settings. Underneath the Adobe Express logo click on settings and then scroll down to a switch option and turn off notify users of product assignments.

There are multiple services and sites required for Adobe tools, here is the list for URL's that are required

There is no requirement to change any settings the user will be prompted to sign in to Google Classroom and, based on their login well enable them to post to their class or create an assignment

If you are a global admin, then you can add the Adobe Express app to your Google workspace as a domain install; this provides the ability to save Adobe Express to their Google drive.

There is no requirement to change any settings to support Microsoft Teams. If the user is not signed into their Microsoft account, they will be prompted and then provided with a list of Teams channels to post to or create an assignment to.

Yes, the Creative Cloud libraries add-in is available to install across the domain in the Microsoft 365 admin centre. Adobe Express integrates well with creative cloud libraries.

Yes, the Creative Cloud libraries app is available to be installed as an app within the Google Admin console. Adobe Express integrates well with Creative Cloud libraries.

You can use Adobe Enterprise ID’s. These will require that you prove ownership of your domain with a DNS token and the user's passwords will be set and stored by Adobe. If a user forgets their password, they can request a password reset email.

With Federated ID's we require an email address to identify the user but we do not need the user to be able to access their mailbox. Many cloud services allow to to create user email addresses and disable the mailbox functionality. This will only work for Federated ID’s.

Helpful resources to support the journey. 

You’ve got Adobe Express for Education – what next? We have three key resources to provide you with all the guidance and support you might need to get started and get the most from deploying this creative software across your institution.

Teaching  Resources

Dip  into  our  learning calendar,  linking  educational  days  to  easy-to-use resources  to  liven  up  your  teaching  throughout the  year.  From  Earth  Day  to  Superhero  Day,  you’ll find  ideas  for  students  at  all  levels  designed  to make  teaching  and  learning  fun  all  year  round.


The Adobe Helpx is an alive and growing resource for support and technical documents. Adobe Help pages are well indexed on Google – to search, include keywords ‘Helpx Adobe’ and then your query. This is often the most efficient way to find support for Adobe tools.


The Adobe Education Exchange (EdEx) is our free learning platform and community, with workshops, classes, and resources, all designed by educators for educators, to ignite creativity in the classroom.

Need more help?

If you’d like to speak to someone about deploying Adobe Express, Premiere Rush and Photoshop Express for Education at your institution, please contact us to set up a meeting.