Make it. As an Instagrammer.

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Meet Claire Menary.

Make it. As an Instagrammer.

Claire Menary explains how to become an Instagrammer.

Claire Menary is a photographer and lifestyle blogger from London. She shares her experiences and offers some tips for achieving success.

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Make your pictures pop.

Make your pictures pop.

Clare Menary takes to the streets of London to demonstrate how to enhance your images on location using Lightroom CC for mobile.
Show off your subject.

Show off your subject.

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Keep your audience happy.

Keep your audience happy.

Parents of internet famous pets share how they have created a business around their animals. Their pets’ hundreds of thousands of followers on social media are a by-product of their original goal: bringing joy and laughter to friends.
Top Tips

Read Claire Menary’s top tips on becoming an Instagrammer.

Tip 1


Network, network, network. It’s always worth the effort. You never know where it could get you, or what opportunities could be unlocked.
Tip 2

Get to know your editing tools.

Whether you edit on the go or on your computer, Lightroom CC is a versatile tool that helps you work faster and get better results. Taking the time to learn all its features will save you hours in the long run.
Tip 3

Just say ‘yes’.

Say ‘yes’ to every opportunity that comes your way. A positive attitude and natural enthusiasm helps you stand out from the crowd. It may also open doors for you that could lead to incredible experiences.
The Future is Yours. Make it.