Make it. As a Vlogger.

Become a YouTube star. Share your passions and find an audience. Use Adobe Premiere Rush CC to feed your channel a steady stream of awesome content.

Meet Hashtag United.

Make it. As a Vlogger.

Hashtag United explain how to become a Vlogger.

Hashtag United, a football club based in Tottenham, post footage of their matches on YouTube. Commercial director Seb Carmichael-Brown, and Lewis Preston, videographer/editor share their story and offer tips for aspiring vloggers.

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Edit and share fast

Edit and share fast.

Hashtag United show how to use Premiere Rush to make the most of your video footage, edit it really quickly and get the story up on social media.
Streamline your video edits

Streamline your video edits.

Sketch Artist and YouTuber AmandaRachLee walks through how she uses Premiere Rush to streamline her video edits for posting on social media.
Quick and easy phone edits

Quick and easy phone edits.

Travel vlogger FunForLouis takes his own point-and-shoot camera and turns his video into a quick and easy edit in Premiere Rush on his mobile.
Top Tips

Read Hashtag United’s top tips on becoming a Vlogger.

Tip 1

Capturing the moment.

Make sure you’re in the right place at the right time to capture the moment. If you’re shooting in real-time, plan carefully so you get the footage you’re looking for, and don’t miss a minute.
Tip 2

Use shortcuts.

When you’re shooting video, editing and sharing it on social, time is of the essence. Use the shortcuts available in the app to speed up the process.
Tip 3

Colour grading.

Taking the time to do colour grading is always worth the effort. Having a colour grade can make all the difference to the finished video, and ensures your vlog has maximum impact.
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