Shaping Up To New Realities

Pivoting to new demands while preparing for the future

Webinar Series

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Learn how your industry is responding to the new reality


Adobe’s Business Agility Webinar series reveals practical strategies to help businesses pivot to new demands.

We’re hosting a Business Agility Webinar series to help brands who have been impacted by the current situation.

Even during the midst of this crisis, we’re seeing trends that businesses can use to plan ahead. We’ll help you navigate the uncertainty and disruption in your sector by presenting practical strategies that you can use to remain resilient.

Here’s a brief overview of the topics we’ll cover:

  • How to better understand your customers, allowing you to target specific audience segments, anticipate behaviour, and meet new demands.
  • When to use proactive and personalised approaches to outreach, including why timing is key to increasing engagement and retention.
  • How businesses are adopting digital and self-service models to reduce strain on call centres and avoid customers making unnecessary visits to public locations.
  • Ways to support your community through educational content, social media, virtual events, and value-added services.
  • New ways of working including workflows and meeting platforms, planning organisational structures, using tools such as AI to democratise data, maintaining culture and relationships between employees.  

Join our webinar and learn how to respond to the issues that matter most to your customers and employees.

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