The Working Lives of the Creatives

Adobe Webinar | Tuesday 8th May 2018

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Creative Review and Adobe invite you to an interactive webinar to discuss the findings of a recent research report on the working lives of creative and design directors. We have interviewed creative and design directors at some of the world's biggest brands to discover how the working lives of creative professionals have changed in light of increasing pressures, competition to stand out and new technologies at their disposal. 
In this interactive and informative webinar, Patrick Burgoyne (Editor, Creative Review), Clive Grinyer (Premier Design Director, Barclays UK) and Richard Curtis (Senior Principal Consultant, Adobe) will debate some of the key issues and topics which arose from the report, and take time to answer your questions. 
Join this webinar and discover:
  • Creative teams – structure / location / skills
  • Project management – priorities / process / tools
  • Leadership – measuring success / increase in work demand / working with external agencies
  • Digital Transformation – amplifications for design / design thinking / customer experience


The webinar will run for an hour from 3pm on Tuesday 8th May.
Looking forward to seeing you online soon!
Lucy Carson
Tuesday, 8th May 15:00 - 16:00 (UTC+1) 


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