Webinar: Design-led Customer Experiences

Thursday 18th July, 3pm | Online

Customer experience: Why Design Matters



Today’s most successful brands have something in common — a commitment to design-led customer experiences.
We are delighted to invite you to join our live webinar on Thursday 18th July at 3pm, where Creative Review’s Associate Editor Rachael Steven will be talking to James Fairbank, Central Marketing Director at Rapha, Jamie Bennett, Head of Showrooms at made.com, and Ray Murphy Head of Content at made.com, about creating a great experience and building brilliant in-house creative teams. Topics of conversation will include:
  • How Rapha and Made.com offer a consistent and joined up customer experience across physical and digital touchpoints
  • How brands can put design and customer experience at the heart of their business
  • How creative teams can make people aware of the importance and value of their work within organisations
  • How brands can encourage close collaboration between creative and non-creative teams
  • Advice for brands who want to build and grow their creative teams and attract the best creative talent
Finally, we are delighted to be joined by Richard West (Strategic Development Team, Adobe) who will showcase Adobe Stock. Adobe Stock stores over 100 million high-quality photos’ illustrations, videos, templates and 3D assets which help you to build beautiful content which will delight customers.
We hope you will be able to join us for this insightful webinar!