Adobe Advertising Cloud 101

The cheat sheet – Get inside Adobe Advertising Cloud, game changing Advertising Technology

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You want to increase new customer volume and improve the quality of those accounts, you also need to prove ROI in an era where transparency is king. Adobe Advertising Cloud makes all of this possible.  By unifying and automating all media, screens, data, and creativity at scale, you can deliver truly remarkable in context advertising experiences that convert prospects into customers. 

The Rule of Three

Adobe Advertising Cloud is comprised of three products, The DSP, Search and Creative. Individually they are remarkable, combined they are powerful, when integrated with the other Adobe solutions, they are totally transformative.
The DSP.
Manage all your media strategies across digital and TV to deliver better ads for every audience. Advertising Cloud DSP is the first independent demand-side platform that brings cross-screen and cross-channel integrations for planning, buying, measurement and optimisation. It’s the only omnichannel DSP that supports all forms of TV (linear, addressable and connected), video, display, native, audio, social and search campaigns.
We bring the best data science to search. Use AI and data integrations to make search marketing about strategy instead of best guesses. Adobe Advertising Cloud Search powered by Adobe Sensei artificial intelligence brings you the most comprehensive search management through the automation of search, shopping and retargeting campaigns. Only we offer model transparency and accuracy reports that give insight into actual performance rather than just forecasts for clicks, cost and revenue.
Streamline the creation of meaningful ad experiences that resonate with your audience.  Adobe Advertising Cloud Creative uniquely brings together designers and marketing professionals in a self-serve, intuitive interface. The direct integration with our creative apps enhances collaboration between your ad production and media teams, enabling you to automatically create thousands of ads at scale. You can target, sequence, iterate and optimise personalised ad experiences for you audience.

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How we’re totally different

  • Totally Independent - The media buying platform you can trust

    We’re not tied to any special interests that may lead us away from serving your needs. We don’t own media or make money from publishers. We don’t share or tie down your data. It works seamlessly on our platform and anywhere else you want to use it.
  • Totally Unified – An end-to-end stack

    We're the only truly omnichannel DSP, supporting TV, video, display, native, audio, social, and search campaigns in a single workflow. So you can tap into all your channels for holistic planning, buying, managing, and optimizing — including premium and private deals — for better results and greater audience reach.
  • Totally connected – Nobody knows data like us

    We connect otherwise disparate data sources for analysis and segmentation to help you truly understand your audiences. And then, we help you act on those insights with unified, coordinated campaigns through all your media and marketing channels.
  • Totally Personalised - Art and science together, at scale

    Because advertising is often a customer's first interaction with your brand, it's important that you make those impressions count. We bring art and science together, giving you access to Adobe Sensei to scale bidding and optimization strategies and Advertising Cloud Creative to let you create thoughtful, dynamic messaging and ad sequences based on audience data.
  • Totally transparent – Brand safety and accountability

    We believe advertisers deserve to know exactly where their money is going — it's that simple. We're the industry leader in brand safety and media quality. We don't hide beind a murky supply chain. Marketers deserve and should expect total accountability. Which is exactly what we're making happen.
“Adobe Advertising Cloud lets us readily evaluate and improve how each channel is performing. With that information, we can fine-tune our channel mix and invest appropriately in each for the best possible ROAS.”
Christopher Jowsey, Senior Manager of Web Ecommerce for Australia and, New Zealand, Lenovo
  • Increased revenue by 175%, and total conversions by 53%
  • Reduced CPC by 36% year over year
  • Achieved an ROI of 20:1 on SEM bidding

There’s Magic in the Martech stack

The magic of a unified Martech stack is in the seamless integrations that enable you to leverage your data to the fullest.
Adobe Audience Manager
Satisfy your experience-hungry customers, an Adobe Audience Manager and Advertising Cloud integration ensures you can develop a more complete audience profile. Audience Manager collects and merges data from practically any source. Built to easily overcome common challenges for data segmentation and activation.
Adobe Analytics
Adobe Analytics helps you to integrate data from virtually any channel, including web, mobile, video, IoT, app, social, and more into your predictive modelling, ensuring you continually make the right choices. A heavy integration with Adobe Sensei allows you to take advantage of everything Big Data has to offer at unprecedented speeds.

Creative Cloud

Adobe Advertising Cloud and Creative Cloud integrations enable Designers to create custom templates that ensure everything stays on brand. Marketers can then make edits direct to the already on-brand assets, maintaining full control over campaign strategy, including offers, headlines, call-to-actions, and images. This dynamic collaboration gives businesses the creative scale and velocity they need to get and stay ahead in today’s market.

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