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Image is Everything – Deliver tailored experiences at any scale with Dynamic Media

Images and video are key to creating engaging content no matter the space you work in. How you use and craft experiences with rich media defines and nurtures your brand – most importantly, what your brand means to customers. 
The decisions you made around rich media image and video elements last year are no longer valid. Consumer expectations shift too rapidly to be addressed by “set it and forget it” legacy workflows. In addition, the technology and experiences required to meet those expectations are always changing. 
Attend this three-part webinar series to hear how Adobe Experience Manager Assets Dynamic Media and Dynamic Media Classic help you evolve your rich media strategy enabling you to react to changing content demands and learn why experience quality and protecting your brand go hand-in-hand. 
Raffaele De Matteis
Alex Thiers  
Product Manager, Adobe Experience Manager, Assets
Davide Busetti
Max Mabe
Senior Product Marketing Manager Adobe Experience Manager 
All Sessions: 3pm – 4pm UK Time
Webinar #1 – 11th April 2019 
Webinar #2 – 18th April 2019
Webinar #3 – 25th April 2019 

Webinar #1: Thursday 11th April 2019
Develop a well-defined rich media strategy for optimal experiences
  • How to determine what image and video quality mean for your brand
  • Steps to create a well-defined rich media delivery strategy
  • The most common webpage layouts and how can they be expertly optimized
  • All attendees will receive our Rich Media Strategy Kickstart Guide

Webinar #2: Thursday 18th April 2019
Learn to optimize webpage layouts for speed or quality
  • How to craft and deliver imagery for quality or for speed
  • Ensure quality experiences, regardless of screen size or connectivity, that marry with your layouts and designs
  • Review common webpage layouts with before and after optimization stats and information
  • All attendees will receive a Rich Media Strategy Image Preset Guide

Webinar #3: Thursday 25th April 2019
Video: How to optimize and deliver quality video experiences
  • Fine-tune rich media experiences, maintain quality, and measure load times
  • Guidance on page element load out order and speeding up experiences
  • Tools and technologies for measuring image/page weight and load times