Adobe D&AD New Blood 2018

Adobe D&AD New Blood Awards 2018

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For this year’s D&AD New Blood Awards, Adobe is celebrating the spirit of the side hustle.

This isn’t the professional project you were sort-of proud of. It’s the one you really cared about. The one you carefully nurtured from mind to matter. The one that dominated your pyjama-clad Saturday nights because you just had to make it happen.

This is the perfect opportunity to make your mark in the creative industry – and bag yourself a generous payday while you’re at it. So come on, show us what your inspired passion and unstoppable attitude have created this year.

The brief

For the 2018 New Blood Awards, we want to see what your entrepreneurial spirit and commitment have created. We’re talking about something real, something tangible, and something you really care about.

And we want you to show it to us using imagery – be it with a short case study film or JPEG slides – so we can celebrate you as the entrepreneurial superstar you are.

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Download the brief on D&AD’s New Blood website ›


Just remember, don’t get too caught up in the hustle. You’ll need to submit your entry by 5pm GMT on 20th March 2018.

Meet those who have made it

Get some inspiration from social media entrepreneur Steven Bartlett.

Steven Bartlett

Steven is Co-Founder and CEO of the award-winning social media start-up Social Chain. From his days working alone above a take-away at 18, to leading a company of over 100 likeminded social superstars at 25, Steven’s success story is a true testament to the power of personal belief and determination.

Steven Bartlett Video  

Meet previous D&AD New Blood winners

We’ve built a fantastic community of D&AD winners already, take a peek at some of their impressive work following last year’s brief.

Check out previous winners ›

Create a project and import a clip

Ready to create and edit your case study film? Get the basic editing skills you need to get started with Adobe Premiere Pro CC in this free series of short tutorials.

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