Content marketing

Take one part creation, one part publishing and one part channel delivery and you’ve got the recipe for content marketing. Content is used to attract, engage and convert throughout the customer journey with timely messaging, content and offers.

Content Marketing

Facing the challenges of content marketing.


Managing the right mix of messages, offers and media is critical to successful content marketing, but multiple challenges can derail your campaign’s performance.
Difficulty governing content deployment.
Difficulty governing content deployment.
Slow execution due to disparate systems.
Slow execution due to disparate systems.
Inability to measure performance.
Inability to measure performance.
Inadequate content management and searchability.
Inadequate content management and searchability.


Build value with your campaigns.


Enterprises with a strong content marketing focus provide consistent, engaging and rewarding experiences to their audiences, achieving better campaign results and more.


Faster time to market.
Faster time to market.
Content marketing using a content management system (CMS) helps you to accelerate the pace and variety of campaigns through tighter workflows, faster content optimisation and improved access to assets.
Campaign measurement capability.
Campaign measurement capability.
Through a robust integrated CMS, you can measure the effectiveness of your content, which enables you to optimise, personalise and target campaigns faster.
Higher engagement and conversion rates.
Higher engagement and conversion rates.
Achieve higher rates of trust and loyalty by delivering consistent, personal and relevant content and messaging though an omnichannel or cross-channel strategy.
Better content governance.
Better content governance.
As your channels expand, you can create once and publish with flexibility by re-using and re-purposing content without a need to code a new publishing environment.
Adobe can help.
The content management system in Adobe Experience Manager gives you the ability to create, control and publish consistent and rewarding content for websites, mobile apps, forms, user communities and more. And you can source and serve user-generated content with painless digital rights permissions. 



Create the content marketing story that's right for you.


See how Adobe helps today's organisations create effective content marketing.
Dr Elisa Stephens, President, Academy of Art University


"Adobe Experience Manager allows our online classes to be delivered through their devices. I think that's a game changer."
— Dr Elisa Stephens,
President, Academy of Art University
Toby Wright, Chief Technology Officer, Telegraph Media Group
"It used to take us quite a while to get new features out. Adobe Experience Manager and some of its associated features allow us to do that much quicker."
— Toby Wright,
Chief Technology Officer, Telegraph Media Group


Content marketing FAQ.

I've got too much content housed in many places. How can I manage it all?
Making a content marketing strategy work takes strong governance and a rich content management platform such as Adobe Experience Manager, with a centralised repository, shared access and customisable workflows.
What kind of content works best?
The effectiveness of your content will depend on variables such as format, message, offer, channel and delivery. Best practices suggest having a content optimisation strategy to continuously improve campaign results.
Can I measure content marketing performance? How?
Yes. Performance metrics like engagement rate, click-through rate, bounce rate and average time on page can be used to determine success, which can then contribute to your enterprise financial metrics.
How will integrating a content management system with analytics improve my content marketing?
A CMS connected to an analytics solution like Adobe Analytics allows you to understand audience behaviour and automate content optimisation to meet consumer demands.
Should I test content before I use it in my campaigns?
Yes. If you have a significant contact database, the tools to test and target content and the ability to measure results, you should experiment with messaging, visual elements, calls to action and more.
What is user-generated content (UGC)?
User-generated content, such as social interactions, blogs, shared images and forum discussions, can be used to augment your marketing, providing authenticity through trusted sources. UGC improves campaign velocity and provides a deeper connection with your audiences.

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