Campaign management

Orchestrating campaigns across channels reveals technology and organisation roadblocks.


Taking a cross-channel marketing approach has been challenging for organisations that have used channel-centric management strategies. 
Disparate technology solutions.
Disparate technology solutions.
Siloed data.
Siloed data.
Disconnected objectives and goals.
Disconnected objectives and goals.
Organisation silos.
Organisation silos.


Make cross-channel marketing sound like a symphony.


When you overcome channel-centric challenges, you can achieve numerous benefits by orchestrating your campaigns.


Better customer experiences.
Better customer experiences.
Delivering orchestrated cross-channel experiences translates to higher engagement because your audiences are delighted and rewarded with experiences that are more meaningful and consistent across channels, devices and geographies.
Unified customer view.
Unified customer view.
Connecting data captured across channels enables you to get a cohesive view of your customers. This view can be shared between campaign, channel and product teams to optimise experiences over any channel, device, location, interaction time and more.
Faster acquistion. Stronger retention.
Faster acquistion. Stronger retention.
Optimising experiences that connect channels and devices in a personal, relevant and contextual way leads to shorter acquisition times. Retention rates improve while churn rates shrink as your customers interact with progressively more meaningful experiences wherever they are.
Improved customer loyalty and advocacy.
Improved customer loyalty and advocacy.
Customers that experience a connected, consistent journey with your brand become stronger loyalists and louder advocates because you gain trust and fulfil the expectation that your experiences will continue to delight.
Cross-channel management
Adobe can help.
Adobe Campaign helps you can transform disjointed experiences into a symphony of relevant content, messages and offers that meet your audiences where they want, when they want.



Cross-channel marketing moves the needle for Adobe customers.


Watch leading brands pull their marketing channels together to enrich their customers’ experiences.
Romain Roulleau, Senior VP of E-Commerce, Accor Hotels


“Today, the one solution we use the most is Adobe Campaign. The tool is enabling us to make sure we have the right message at the right moment.”
— Romain Roulleau,
Senior VP of E-Commerce, Accor Hotels
John Sahagian, VP of Marketing, Baxter Credit Union
“With Adobe Campaign, we’re able to reach members across whatever channel they’re working with. It’s a great way for us to synchronise our messages.”
— John Sahagian,
VP of Marketing, Baxter Credit Union


Cross-channel marketing FAQ.

How do we help our audiences make the right decision about our brand?
Meet them at crucial moments when they need help by delivering consistent, valuable and relevant experiences through any channel. Take the opportunity to guide your users throughout the entire customer journey.
At the moment, we’re reporting channel performance in silos. How does Adobe help?
Adobe Campaign integrates with Analysis Workspace, a capability of Adobe Analytics, to push out pre-built and ad hoc reports of all your channel activity, budgets and resources, so your teams have a unified view of performance.
Can we automate campaigns and still be effective at deepening our customer relationships?
Yes. Integrations between Adobe Campaign and Adobe Experience Cloud give you a full view of cross-channel interactions and campaign execution tools that automate your experience delivery based on richer customer insights, helping you to connect more deeply with your customers.
We are focused on personalisation to improve our campaigns. Can we personalise effectively across channels?
Yes. Adobe Campaign, for example, allows you to personalise email, display, direct mail, mobile app experiences and more through shared audience profiles that reveal insights about customer behaviours and preferences.
Can cross-channel marketing improve our remarketing activities?
Yes. The most valuable window of opportunity to re-engage customers is 30 to 90 minutes after an engagement. You’ll need a leading toolset like Adobe Experience Cloud connecting analytics, data management, campaign automation and audience targeting, so you can quickly respond to interactions with personal, relevant experiences.
Can I sequence the way I want our customers to engage with our brand?
Yes. With the right platform, you can define sequences across your connected channels through a single interface. And you can segment audiences based on preferences and behaviours.

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