Add location to the marketing equation.
Devices don’t buy products. People do.

Add location to the marketing equation.

Understanding your users’ physical footprints —  where they shop, live or search for competing products — is difficult, but it’s imperative to creating great experiences. Adobe Experience Platform Location Service gives you that insight, so you can create richer user profiles that fuse the digital and physical worlds.


Micro and macro location insights.
Get deep insight into customer location information, whether they’re at a local shop or in a given region. 

Get consistent real-time updates.
Keep a constant eye on customer locations with geo-tracking working even when your app is in the background.

Keep track of movement.
Stay in the loop at all times and set triggers for whenever a customer enters or exits a given geo-fence.

Make life easier with automation.
Leave the manual work behind and use a central location database to add locations — including competing locations — automatically.


Experience Platform Location Service Features

Fuse the digital and physical worlds.

Knowing both the digital and physical behaviour of your customers has never been easier. Experience Platform Location Service makes location data ubiquitous across Adobe Experience Cloud. It harnesses location signals and sensor data points, which lets you design and deliver relevant experiences. Because when you know where your customers are and how they’re interacting with you, you know exactly what experience to deliver.

Manage geo-fences in the new API-driven places library database.

Provide out-of-the-box monitoring of users’ location even when the app is in the background. You can also monitor your own code.

Map a user’s location with the places database.

Use the SDK’s rules engine to make location data available for real-time mobile experiences — available on the client. Also, send data where it’s needed.

Deliver the right message or experience to users in real time at the instant it’s relevant to them and where they are.

Target messages and experiences to their users based on their historical interactions with places.

Gain deeper insights into users by analysing their physical behaviour.

Attribute successful conversions of campaigns with a call to action to visit a physical location.

Let’s talk about what Adobe Experience Platform can do for your business.

Let’s talk about what Adobe Experience Platform can do for your business.