Mastering number fonts: 10 free number fonts for your design project



Fonts are an expressive part of any design, and if you’re using a lot of numbers or want your figures to stand out, it’s important to choose a font with a great or even unique number font for the job.

In this article, you will learn how to use Adobe Express to search for number font designs and test them out, whether you’re building menus, social media content, or other materials for your business.

Most fonts include numerical digits from 0 to 9, however not all fonts are born equal. It may be tempting to use a font for both your letters and numbers. However, you may find that the font’s numerical style doesn’t seem to match the design of the letters. In these instances, it's best to find a font that fits your purpose and includes a stunning numerical design.

Essential number fonts for posters and flyers.

There are several great options for fonts that fit on posters and flyers. Let’s look at a few different font types.

Clean number fonts

If you want a simple style, try looking for a font that could be described as clean, with minimal stylistic flourishes, and typically in the sans serif or mono categories. These are great for communicating important details on posters and flyers with a tone of seriousness and a more easy-to-read style. Explore 84 clean font families on Adobe Express.

School number fonts

School fonts are a fun way to communicate; they can inspire a quirky, casual, or even silly mood, whilst still conveying the important message. Some fonts may look handwritten whilst others bring a soft style to typewriter, capitalisation fonts, and block fonts. Explore 48 school font families on Adobe Express.

Art Deco number fonts

This is a distinctive style and perfect for movie posters or flyers promoting anything arty, cultural, and elegant. Explore 35 Art Deco font families on Adobe Express.

Cursive number fonts

These fonts are great for bringing some artistic expression to your poster or flyer. Often, the numerical digits will be easy to read, despite the alphabet letters employing script and serif styles. Explore 65 cursive font families on Adobe Express.

Number fonts for logos.

Logos are a cornerstone of your brand. Your customers will be encountering them everywhere from menus and receipts to your website and product packaging. Logos help your business stand out and help your customers identify your brand instantly, fostering the connection between you and them. Number fonts in logos, therefore, are really important. Read in more detail about how to choose a number font for a logo.

To find the perfect font for your numericals, you might choose to use the same font as the alphabet letters in your logo (if your logo includes letters). Or you may choose a unique font for your numericals and your letters. Adobe Express has thousands of free logo templates, which include fonts that fit various business types, giving you great inspiration for your perfect logo font.

Take a look at some of Adobe Express’ logo templates.

Creative use of text effects to create unique number designs.

Once you’ve found the ideal font for your logo or for your business marketing materials, it’s time to get creative. You can use Adobe Express to quickly and easily edit your number designs so they turn out just right. Creative effects include shadows, borders, or colour changes. You can explore all of these in Adobe Express.

If you are looking to create a table plan for your wedding business or advertise your next event, you can explore hundreds of different fonts and designs on Adobe Express. Check out the poster templates to see how the professional designers at Adobe Express have used various text effects to make each poster truly unique.

Use Adobe Express to create unique poster designs:

Check out these examples of fonts on posters from Adobe Express:

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Useful things to know.

How many number fonts are available on Adobe Express?

Adobe Express offers hundreds of font families that include numerical digits, so you can find the perfect font for your marketing materials.

Can I use Adobe Express to edit my number font designs?

Yes! It’s easy to open a free account on Adobe Express and choose your preferred template or font and get designing. You can add your own text, tweak the design effects, and have your marketing materials ready in minutes.

Is Adobe Express free to use?

Yes! You can browse lots of free templates and fonts, and get started straight away with Adobe Express’ free plans. Learn more about Adobe Express’ plans.