Delightful afternoon tea menu ideas: refined and refreshing



Did you know that afternoon tea has been enjoyed by the British since the 1840s? This very fine affair consists of finger sandwiches, scones, and petit fours, accompanied with tea and champagne. It can be enjoyed at hotels, cafés, tearooms and at home.

Hosting the perfect afternoon tea starts with building a beautiful menu. This article brings you afternoon tea menu ideas to give you a little inspiration for creating your own menu. We’ll also look at how Adobe Express’ templates can help you design a gorgeous menu to showcase your afternoon tea delights.

Afternoon tea food ideas for a gorgeous high tea experience

These afternoon tea food ideas can help you upgrade your afternoon tea experience by offering something special: a high tea. In Britain, the elevation of a regular afternoon tea to a high tea involves additional menu items. Add pigeon, veal, salmon and fruit to your menu and serve it in a more formal setting: at the dining table.

Whichever form of tea you choose to serve at your establishment, you can adapt your menu accordingly with the templates from Adobe Express. With the freedom to edit your menu to suit your needs, you can optimise the Adobe Express menu templates so that special additions can be made.

It's cake o'clock: afternoon tea ideas for sweet treats

Many people do not have the leisure time to consume afternoon tea regularly, and so there is something quaint, historical, and even vintage about afternoon tea. In particular, the consumption of scones and cakes is now perceived as a special treat for many, and so it may be nice to have some fun with vintage-themed sweet treats as part of your afternoon tea. Go a little further by turning your vintage afternoon tea party ideas into reality and find your perfect menu amongst these menu templates from Adobe Express.

Here are a few examples of the menu templates from Adobe Express

Not a sweet tooth? Try these savoury afternoon tea ideas

Afternoon tea is not all about the sweet stuff! Regardless of what’s on offer, you’ll want a menu that sets out the food and drink choices in a clear and fun way. If you’re looking for savoury afternoon tea ideas, you may wish to include items like finger sandwiches, with fillings such as cucumber and cream cheese or Scottish smoked salmon with lemon butter. Some cafes take this further, and offer an array of finger sandwiches, small sausage rolls, quiches, tarts, and pretty much any item you can spread on toast.

Your menu can boast about your sweet and savoury items and make it clear to your customers that there is room for both! Find a menu template that doubles as tea party invitations to bring your afternoon tea party menu ideas to life and tempt your customers to come along for seconds, thirds, and even fourths!

Create afternoon tea party invitations using our range of templates in Adobe Express:

Flavours of India: afternoon tea with spicy samosas and sweet desserts

The nation of India played a vital part in bringing about high tea to the British Isles and you may wish to add the flavours of India to your afternoon tea party. Delicious Indian afternoon tea ideas include paneer and cheddar sandwiches, mango bruschetta, spicy samosas, devilled egg rolls, and chai scones. For tea, opt for Darjeeling or masala chai (tea with spices). Sweet desserts options may include items like Nankhatai (crumbly, buttery cardamom biscuits) and chamcham eclairs.

To tie the experience together, use a menu template from Adobe Express that brings a touch of India to the design. There are hundreds of different styles to choose from, including breakfast menu templates and café menu templates too. These customisable menus allow you to change the colour, font, and style so that you can create a menu that evokes the feeling of drinking Darjeeling in New Delhi.

Summer or winter: afternoon tea ideas for any season

Afternoon tea is not just for spring and summer months. Autumn and winter can be the perfect time to celebrate with afternoon tea, and food options can bring some warmth alongside a hearty cuppa! Delight your customers with winter afternoon tea ideas such as scones baked with cheese, spring onion, and bacon. Serve warm quiches, hot sausage rolls, and steaming small pies to keep the cold away.

Café and tearoom owners can carve out their brand and use their tea menu to draw more customers year-round. Adobe Express offers a range of fun menu templates including cake menu templates. Have fun with Adobe Express and get ideas for afternoon tea menu designs that catch people’s attention and make them hungry for some afternoon tea!

Ready to create your first afternoon tea? Check out our range of templates available in Adobe Express:

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Useful things to know.

Which menu template is suitable for afternoon tea?

There are several menus designed for various afternoon tea party themes. You can browse thousands of menu templates, including afternoon tea templates, on Adobe Express.

What is afternoon tea?

Afternoon tea is a small meal of light savoury and sweet bites enjoyed with a hot drink, originally taken around 4-5pm, between lunch and a late dinner.

Can I use Adobe Express to design a unique afternoon tea menu?

Yes! Each template can be easily customised within minutes, so you can create a unique afternoon tea menu with your own colours, patterns and layout.

Is Adobe Express free to use?

Yes! Adobe Express offers different plans for individuals, institutions and businesses. There are two individual plans: free and premium. The free plan includes access to all the core features so you can start making original content quickly and easily. Learn more about Adobe Express’ free plan here.