What is Afrofuturism, inspiring design ideas and how to use them in your design project



Afrofuturism utilises elements from fantasy, science fiction and history to create a unique cultural aesthetic which crosses into art, literature, film, philosophy and science. It centres on Black history and provides an image of a bright and bold future. Afrofuturism explores African heritage in more detail and celebrates Black achievements. The phrase originated among African Americans and served as a point of connection to their ancestors.

If you want to be able to use the principles of Afrofuturism in your design and get inspired by the beautiful imagery of the art form, then continue reading. You can use the free Adobe Express templates to harness these tips and tricks, allowing Afrofuturism to guide your next project.

Key characteristics of Afrofuturism.

Whether you look at the history of Black graphic design or the beauty of African-influenced branding, you can learn a great deal from the contributions of Black culture. Afrofuturism is an especially prevalent art form on the rise, which can be applied to your designs. Film franchises like Black Panther have placed Afrofuturism in the mainstream, ensuring that audiences are more familiar with its characteristics.

Afrofuturism is reflected in the vibrancy and modernity of fashion. It can be seen in the futuristic architectural designs of ambitious new buildings. It can be heard in music which takes traditional African instruments and repurposes them for today’s culture.

Thematically Afrofuturism explores the idea of otherness. It places its focus on digital advancement and the reclaiming of culture in a modern, technological setting. It speaks of female empowerment and reexamines the role of the family. Most of all though, Afrofuturism promotes a utopia, where Black culture, achievement and development drives humanity forward.

Take a look at these templates perfect for apply Afrofuturism.

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Customisable Afrofuturism templates.

Afrofuturism is a truly inspirational art form to apply to your designs. Take a look at some of the ways you can incorporate it into your designs:

Technology is a fundamental part of Afrofuturism and can be incorporated into the imagery of your designs in a number of ways. Use Adobe Express’ free logo templates to craft a logo fitting of your brand. Screens, wires, ariels, computer components and reflections of the digital age are all imagery that can be used to bring a technological edge to your project.

Form your book cover with utopian architecture

Authors are constantly searching for ways to jump out from the shelf and Adobe Express’ book cover templates can be customised to include elements of Afrofuturism. Use examples of utopian architecture to create a science fiction aesthetic for your work.

Use colour and vibrancy in your Instagram posts

Afrofuturism takes the vibrancy and colour of African fashion and design and applies it in a futuristic context. When you create your social media content using Adobe Express’ free Instagram post templates, explore how you can use bright and bold, complementary and clashing colours to draw the eye of your audience.

Useful things to know.

Who created Afrofuturism?

The term Afrofuturism was coined by Mark Dery in an essay that explored African American culture and how it can be applied to the 20th Century.

When should I use Afrofuturism in my design?

Afrofuturism can be applied to any of your designs but would be an especially prevalent choice to make if your project thematically plays with fantasy, science fiction, and developmental or technological ideas.

Is Adobe Express free to use?

Yes, Adobe Express offers a free account for individuals that is quick and easy to set up. Once created, use your free account to create a range of valuable business content, from calendars to flyers, and social media posts to advertisement banners.