What is impressionism in art and how to use it in your design project



You might be wondering what is impressionism in art? The abstract art form is a movement which prioritises simple shapes, textures and colours to give the impression of an image. Impressionist artists are not attempting to create a one-to-one reflection but rather seek to give a sense of the subject of their art.

Impressionism art can be a very valuable technique to bring to your design projects. Read on and you’ll learn more about how to apply the tools of impressionism art to your designs using the free Adobe Express software and templates.

Key characteristics of the impressionism.

Impressionism art can be defined by a few key characteristics, which can be applied to your designs in Adobe Express.

Bright colours

When looking at what is impressionism art, it’s vital to study the use of bright colours. While bright colours are used in other art forms like graffiti, which could inspire your designs, impressionism art relies on a bold palette to give context and shape to its abstract imagery. An item is easier to identify for the audience with a clear colour choice.

An unrefined finish

Impressionism art isn’t looking for a complete finish that can immediately be identified as a specific subject. Impressionism uses fuzzy and unfinished imagery to portray the essence of an object, place or person.

Unusual takes on ordinary subjects

Artists are often looking to create work that adds something new to the discourse. But what does impression art seek to say? Well, impressionists use unusual angles and alternative takes, to add something extraordinary to a seemingly familiar subject.

Accurate depiction of light

Light is very important when capturing the impression of an image. Adobe Express provides many tools you can use to play with light in your designs. When lighting scenes, impressionism art is about portraying something accurate and authentic, with natural lighting becoming the priority.

Take a look at these templates perfect for your impressionist designs.

Editable impressionist design templates.

Use bright colours in your business cards

Your business card can really pop when using the bright colours of impressionism art. Adobe Express’ business card templates can be customised to represent the essence of your brand. Use unexpected palettes to boldly create your identity.

Bring an unrefined finish to your posters

Posters are so often crisp and clean, but to draw your audience to your project, use impressionist techniques to add an unrefined quality to the finished piece. Adobe Express’ free poster templates can be customised to bring a fuzzy quality to your imagery.

Focus on lighting for your Instagram posts

What is impressionism art if it wasn’t for the lighting? Apply natural and authentic lighting to your social media posts using Adobe Express’ Instagram post templates. Place the focus on lighting setups and unique light sources to reframe your imagery and draw the eye where you want to.

Discover other business templates for your impressionist projects.

Useful things to know.

Who are some notable impressionist artists?

Claude Monet, Frédéric Bazille, Camille Pissarro and Berthe Morisot are some notable impressionist artists who helped to shape the style and could inspire your next project.

Should my subject be recognisable?

Impressionism art is all about creating the impression of your subject. It should largely be recognisable so that you can still connect to your audience.

Is Adobe Express free to use?

Yes! Adobe Express offers a free account for individuals, which is quick and easy to create. Once set up, you can use Adobe Express to craft your ideal impressionist designs.