What is post modernism and how to use it in your design project


Modernism and post modernism are two contrasting movements which analyse and reframe the usage of traditional methods in the arts. The rejection and adaptation of traditional, conventional techniques have led to countless breakthroughs in the artistic realm.

Both modernism and post modernism can be used in all aspects of your design projects. There’s a lot to learn before applying the techniques and concepts of modernism and post modernism to Adobe Express’ editable templates. But all the key information can be found here, so you can get started!

Key characteristics of the modernism.

In its most fundamental form, modernism is about rejecting traditional methods of artistic expression. The movement aims to discover and explore new ways of depicting key thematic topics, from alternative points of view.

Characteristically, modernism strays far away from traditional art styles and promotes abstract, less-defined work. Modernism depicts unusual concepts like time, space and movement. It relies on a bright colour palette and unusually placed lighting.

Most of all, modernism can be characterised by its commitment to rejecting mainstream values and instead searches for something more authentic. Whether it’s through painting, sculptures or even digital mediums, modernism in the art world is all about evolution.

What is post modernism?

If modernism rejects traditional methods of storytelling in the art world, post modernism examines the value of those old techniques and repurposes them for a modern age. When experimenting with these vital art movements through Adobe Express’ features, it’s important to view post modernism as the bridge between the past and the present.

Post modernism mixes styles and techniques together, with a deliberate use of traditional tools to create art in a modern setting. It’s this fusion of ideas that ultimately rejects the absoluteness of modernism, for something more nuanced.

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Applying modernism in your design projects.

Place vibrant colours in your cards

Vibrant colours act as a massive contrast to the drab and dreary palettes of some traditional art forms. Use Adobe Express’ card templates to create a greeting card that conveys happiness and a sense of celebration, using modernism colour choices.

Use abstract imagery in your collages

Abstract imagery, which conveys the essence of something rather than specifically the subject itself, can inspire specific moods and tones. Use Adobe Express’ free collage templates to form a mood board defined by abstract modernism images. Your audience will be able to emotionally engage more with the tone you create.

Explore concepts like time in your presentations

Modernism art conveys massive themes like the movement of time. Use those complex ideas when you edit your Adobe Express presentation templates. The principles of storytelling, a beginning, a middle and an end, can be utilised through this modernism technique across the duration of your presentation.

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Useful things to know.

Can I use post modernism in my projects?

While the benefits of modernism in your design projects have been outlined, post modernism is a fascinating movement to inspire you as well. Search for ways to combine contrasting traditional techniques for a unique finish.

Do the ideas of modernism and post modernism clash?

The ideas of modernism do clash with post modernism. However, modernism can be used within the confines of post modernism, provided those characteristics are applied alongside more traditional artistic styles such as folk art, Neoclassicism and Baroque.

Is Adobe Express free to use?

Yes! Adobe Express is free to use. Sign up and jump straight into editing the free-to-use templates for your post modernism projects.