What is optical illusibon art and how to use it in your design project



Optical illusion art, also known as op art, relates to the way your brain processes the images you see. Op art often tricks the eye into seeing something that isn’t there, distorting and confusing the imagery. Optical illusion artists usually use geometric shapes to achieve their cunning deception.

Optical illusion art is a very effective way to draw attention to your design projects. By using the free templates in Adobe Express, you’ll be able to craft logos, posters, flyers and other materials that are elevated by the benefits of op art.

Using op art in logo creation.

Optical illusion art can be applied to a variety of design projects and by using Adobe Express’ free logo templates you’ll be able to use the laws of op art to your advantage. Optical illusion art forces your audience to pay attention to your design. It can create conversations and engage viewers on a different level, as they try to make sense of the imagery.

Your brand strategy will likely be focused on creating a clear identity for your business. Using an optical illusion in your logo design tells your audience that you’re innovative and think outside-of-the-box. This unconventional way of building a brand will allow you to stand out from the competition. Op art is rarely used in logo creation, but when it is, it’s extremely effective because of that unique edginess.

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Using op art in eye catching posters and banners.

Posters and flyers often follow a series of conventions in their designs. If you’re using Adobe Express’ poster templates or flyer templates to advertise a business event, or perhaps highlight a band, film or book, it’s easy to look to the industry for guidance on how to structure the design.

However, using optical illusion art will completely redefine your poster or flyer. Repetition, layered imagery, geometric shapes and unusual colour combinations can all be balanced to emphasise the subject matter of your poster.

You can layer images on top of one another to craft the illusion of sudden movement. You could also distribute objects in the foreground and background of your design project, causing confusion and therefore encouraging audiences to look closer at your piece.

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Creating visual intrigue with free, editable templates.

Using your op art logos, you can take your business card to the next level and continue to promote a strong brand identity. Use Adobe Express’ free business card templates to leave a lasting impact on your potential clients.

Craft a card that stands out with optical illusion art

Cards are so often ordinary or familiar in their construction. But for your next greetings card, use Adobe Express’ editable card template to create a front cover with a difference. Stand out from the crowd with an optical illusion image that’s both charming and puzzling.

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Useful things to know.

Should optical illusions be challenging to understand?

Optical illusion art doesn’t have to be challenging to create conversation. As long as the image is interesting and unique, it will engage your audience more than a regular design choice.

Are there any key op art artists?

Artists such as Bridget Riley, Julian Beever, Leandro Erlich and Victor Vasarely have effectively brought optical illusion art into their work.

Is Adobe Express free to use?

Yes, Adobe Express is free to use. Simply sign up for an account and jump straight into the huge array of editable templates that can bring your optical illusion art to life.