How to write work instructions with editable examples



Great work instructions can guide your employees through complex processes or keep them informed on the proper ways to execute a task. Ultimately, well written or illustrated work instructions can help your employees perform better, whether it's part of a training procedure or simply an effort to improve workplace efficiency and quality standards.

Adobe Express’s blog is packed full of step by step instructions on everything from how to build a brand to how to get started with social media marketing. Even better, Adobe Express offers hundreds of free templates for creating infographics, step-by-step instructions, and easy-to-follow guides so that you can present your employees with work instructions that they can refer to again and again. This article will explore how you can use Adobe Express to create the perfect work instructions for your employees.

Writing a work instruction, quick guide

Sometimes less is more, and for busy employees, instructions can be time consuming and confusing. Make sure your work instructions get to the point and provide your employees with a quick guide that is helpful and useful!

1. Pick one task for your work instructions.

2. Choose a tool to create your work instructions, like Adobe Express.

3. Write a clear title and introduction to these instructions. Make sure they neatly summarise what these instructions are going to help your employees to achieve.

4. Write out clear and simple steps. Don’t be tempted to merge steps to make the instructions shorter, as this could create confusion.

5. Use visuals to emphasise important information and make sure that key steps aren’t accidentally skipped or performed incorrectly.

6. Copy-edit, fact check, and test your instructions. Give them to an employee to run through and you’ll soon spot practical application errors. Make sure you have someone else proof-read your instructions so that no grammatical mistakes slip through.

7. Print, publish and distribute your work instructions. Every employee should have easy access to a copy, whether it’s sent to their work email or printed and posted next to the item or in the area where the instructions apply.

Use Adobe Express to create the perfect step-by-step instructions. Browse hundreds of templates and quickly add your own text using the online tools.

What is a work instruction?

Once you understand what a work instruction is, it’s easy to learn how to write instructions that will improve employee performance.

A work instruction is a written document, often containing instructions in the form of visuals too, that contains detailed or simplified steps on how to execute a task or perform an action. For example, in a factory, there might be a simple set of instructions on how to safely shut down a machine. In an office environment, there might be a set of instructions on how to effectively use the photocopier. Whether the instructions are pages long, or a simple page of images with barely any text, they help employees get processes done safely and correctly.

You can learn how to write instructions best by looking for examples on the topic that applies to you. Get inspiration by browsing instructional templates on Adobe Express and use a template to start building your step-by-step guides.

Take a look at these Instructional Templates from Adobe Express.

What is a procedure and what’s the difference between procedures and work instructions?

Work instructions are not procedures, even though people often get them confused and use the terms interchangeably. If you’re wondering “what is a procedure and how is it different?”, then it’s important to understand the context. A procedure describes a process, like a management process, or it might describe a standard operational procedure, for example, on how a business should perform to achieve its goals. These are detailed informational aids that are different from work instructions. Often, work instructions will focus on a very particular task.

Find templates for simple instructions on Adobe Express. Explore varieties of step-by-step instructions mapped as flow charts and simple 1, 2, 3 steps.

Try these Simple Instructions Templates from Adobe Express:

Editable work instruction poster examples

Instruction posters are an excellent way to show people step by step instructions when they need them most. Often, instructions are most easy to follow in the space whether they apply, and so a poster with a few outlined steps can be the perfect aid for your employees.

Explore instruction poster templates from Adobe Express. Each template is easily editable to add your step-by-step instructions and powerful visuals.

Create your step-by-step guide using these Instruction Poster templates from Adobe Express:

Try Adobe Express for your work instruction templates today

Useful things to know.

Can I get free step-by-step instruction templates?

Yes, you can find step-by-step instructions templates, as well as infographics, and helpful instructional posters to help give instructions to your employees. Browse these free instructional templates on Adobe Express.

Can I edit my templates to add my own instructions?

Yes! Choose a template that fits your needs and edit the text and layout to get your instructional poster or infographic ready in minutes. You can add your own visuals and change the font and design as needed and it's all easy to do using Adobe Express’ online editing tools.