Enter in detail.
The first step of the Logo Maker asks you to enter in brand or business’s details and add any other text you might want to feature on your logo, such as a tagline or an established date.
Choose a style.
How would you describe your brand’s aesthetic? Pick from the selection we offer that resonates most with you.
Choose an icon.
The app will populate some icon options for you, or you can specify even further by typing in a keyword of an icon that you think fits your brand better.
Check out your options.
And voilà. Just like that, we are ready to present you with an assortment of stunning art logo designs. If you don’t see the one you were hoping for, try backtracking on a few steps to switch up the result.
Customize to perfection.
Select any logo to adjust its color or font. Or, if you want to make something truly bespoke, click Customize More to take the design into a workspace, where you can get your hands on any element of the design you want to edit.
Save and share your logo.
Congratulations, you nailed your logo. When you’re ready to share, download your logo as a PNG to have a transparent background, or as a JPG if you like the color background.

Get started.

Feature your logo on flyers, business cards, merchandise, marketing materials, social media, and anything else you can dream of.

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