How did this happen?

What are the risks?

What if I don't take action?

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Did you know your Adobe Software is not genuine?

Non-genuine software is a serious issue that may pose a risk to your work, your productivity and your security. We understand non-genuine software is often hard to identify at purchase. We are here to help you quickly resolve this issue in a cost effective way.

How did this happen?

Many people unknowingly purchase non-genuine or counterfeit software. Resellers and third party online marketplaces sell non-genuine and sometimes bundle it with computers to make their offerings more attractive to buyers. Visit our FAQ page below for more information.

What if I don't resolve this issue?

If you do not resolve this issue, software functionality may be restricted. We strongly recommend removing and replacing your non-genuine software with genuine Adobe software. We also encourage you to help others by reporting the reseller who sold you this software.

Enjoy the benefits of genuine Adobe software.

Only genuine Adobe software guarantees access to the latest features and functionality. Customers using genuine Adobe software can: 
  • Work without interruption
  • Protect themselves, their customers and their work from the risks associated with non-genuine software
  • Receive full access to product features, upgrades and support 

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Below are the results of the software diagnostics test we recently conducted. It appears that one or more of your Adobe software products is not genuine.
Product Serial Number Licensing Status Tampered Software