No two customers are alike. No problem.

With the right tools, you can quickly and easily create amazing campaigns that resonate with your audience. Our robust and intuitive features help you personalise and deliver amazing cross-channel campaigns.

The best campaign is a consistent one.

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Break through the email clutter.

Create engaging campaigns with data, tools and real-time strategies.

Cross channel

Design, visualise and execute your campaigns with intuitive drag-and-drop control.

Integrated profile

Unify all your data and build unique profiles, so you can personalise messages.

Targeted segmentation

Pinpoint customer interests and preferences with customised segments, to create campaigns that get noticed.

Contextual email

Automate your data and connect your email with other digital channels.

Real-time management

Automate the process of delivering promotional offers, with our centralised recommendation engine.

Instant insights

Think of our customised reports as your data scientists—giving you insights you can quickly act on with real-time visualisations.








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