50 Day Flex plan – FAQ

  1. What is the 50 Day Flex plan?
    The 50 Day Flex Plan is an annual prepaid plan giving you access to Creative Cloud apps (All Apps, or a Single App, depending on what you have purchased), for a total sum of 50 individual days within 1-year after date of purchase. The 50 days can be used consecutively or non-consecutively, but all days must be used within the 1-year term. This plan will not auto-renew without your consent.

  2. Who is it for?
    We offer this plan to customers who do not use Creative Cloud applications frequently. If you are using one or more of the Creative Cloud apps at least a few times a week, we recommend the annual or month-to-month plans we offer on the Creative Cloud Plans page.

  3. How does Adobe account for daily usage?
    Daily usage is defined as one or more activities for one or more Creative Cloud products (open, use, or close the app) between 12:00am and 11:59pm CET. For example, if you open Photoshop at 10:00 CET and close it at 17:00 CET on the same day, this will be one day of usage. If you used any other Creative Cloud products, it’s still counted as one day. Another example – if you open Illustrator at 18:00 CET and close it at 02:00 CET, this will be counted as two days.

  4. How do I know how many days I have left?
    Starting at 20 days left, we will be notifying you when you have 20, 10, 5, 1 and 0 days left via email, and also in your Creative Cloud Desktop App.

  5. What can I do after I have used up all 50 days?
    After you have used all of your 50 days, you are able to purchase a new plan with the standard Creative Cloud annual subscription for either the All Apps plan or a Single App plan. The 50-Day Flex Plan cannot be purchased again, this is a one-time purchase only.

  6. What happens to my files in the cloud after my 50-Day Flex Plan runs out?
    Your data are yours! Your CC files are stored on your computer as well as on the CC servers. If your 50-Day Flex plan runs out you will still have access to all of the files in the Creative Cloud folder that are stored on your computer.

  7. What apps are included in the plan?
    The 50-Day Flex option includes the Creative Cloud All Apps or Creative Cloud Single App plans (with the exception of Muse, InCopy and Acrobat Pro single apps).

  8. Can I buy 50-Day Flex Plan in addition to any other type of subscription for the same product?
    No, you cannot have multiple 50-Day Flex plans for the same product; or an annual subscription and a 50-Days Flex plan for the same product.  However, you may have multiple 50-Day Flex plan for different products.  For example, one 50-Day Flex plan for Photoshop and another one for InDesign.

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