2020 Digital Trends: Financial Services in Focus.

How the Industry’s customers will shape its future.

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The 2020 Digital Trends: Financial Services in Focus report shows how FSI companies are focusing intently on customer experience and data-driven marketing.

Produced in collaboration with Econsultancy, our industry report reveals new insights and strategies that senior executives in FSI are planning to use for the decade ahead. For companies operating in banking, wealth management, insurance and other areas of financial services, customer experience is helping to create a competitive advantage and maintain their position as more and more tech giants and start-ups enter the industry.

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Here are just a few of the highlights: 

  • FSI providers’ main source of concern is competition from digitally native companies. They are 60% more likely than other industries to name this as their top concern for 2020.
  • Demonstrating their focus on a CX-led fightback, more than four in ten (42%) financial services organisations are prioritising customer journey management during 2020.
  • FSI companies continue to commit to targeting and personalisation to a greater degree than other sectors  (38% vs. 27%).


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