Compress an image in seconds.


Use our online photo editor to easily get the image file size you want without compromising on image quality.

Make large images smaller and easier to use.

Quickly compress your image.

upload image

1. Upload your JPG or PNG image.

download image

2. Click Download to launch the compression tool.


3. Use the Image Quality slider to adjust file size.

download image

4. Download your image.

Choose your file size.

When sending images via email or posting photos online, you often need to limit the file size. Use the Resize tool to get the precise size you need.

Resizing image of woman doing yoga on dock

Maintain high image quality.

Before saving, check that your image quality is ranked good, better or best. You’ll get an automated warning to help preserve image quality or limit loss.

Fully-loaded mini car driving in the mountains-compress image

Save image transparency.

Remove the background of your image and save it as a lossless PNG. This will keep the transparent background and the high image quality while also compressing the file size.

Female shopper with transparent background-high-quality download

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