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What is Adobe Media Server on Amazon Web Services?

Adobe Media Server 5 on Amazon Web Services is an easy and affordable way to deploy multiprotocol media streaming that scales to meet your business needs. Dynamic HTTP Packaging, protected HTTP streaming and DRM support for Apple HLS enable a single packaging and protection workflow for all your video assets to the broadest device landscape.

What's new in Adobe Media Server on Amazon Web Services

Studio-grade DRM packaging
Package content for a single digital rights management (DRM) workflow that targets the desktop, connected TVs, tablets and smartphones, including iOS and Android platforms, when you include Adobe Access 4 software (available separately).
Multiscreen protected HTTP streaming
Protect and monetise your HD video with easy-to-use content protection built on Adobe Access, with no additional DRM licence servers. Add massive scale and robust protection to your media assets or live streams.
Integrated video streaming with Amazon CloudFront
Stream live and VOD content with massive scale through integrated Amazon CloudFront. Easily configure Media Server to dynamically prepare and stream HD content directly from Amazon S3 to Adobe Flash Player and HLS-compatible devices.
On-demand media packaging for HTTP streaming
Deliver video using HTTP for Flash Player compatible and iOS devices without preparing the assets ahead of time. On-demand packaging makes publishing easier by requiring one set of video files to deliver to multiple devices with or without Flash Player installed.

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