Skill is the new currency.
Upskill and reskill your workforce to keep them relevant.
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Skill is the new currency.
Upskill and reskill your workforce to keep them relevant.
Easy set-up of learning structure
Re-use modules across courses to create structured learning paths. Combine virtual or live classrooms  and eLearning courses into learning programmes and certifications.
Learning Plan
Auto-assign learning activities, orchestrate branched learning based on the outcome of the previous learning activity.
Auto-generated user groups
Automatically create user groups based on unique identifiable attributes. Then treat user groups as learning cohorts to assign specific learning programmes.
Badges and Transcripts
Allow learners to receive badges on successful completion of learning activities. These open badges are shareable on social media.
Attendance marking using QR code
Allow learners to mark attendance of classroom sessions more easily by simply scanning the QR code generated by the instructor. 
Push Notifications & Announcements
Keep learners informed about upcoming courses, session details, upcoming and missed deadlines and certification expiration using  push notifications on the native app.
Personalised learner homepage
Give learners personal dashboards that they can customise using drag and drop widgets. Let them view completed, pending and recommended courses, skills attained, badges received and details of activities to earn more badges and points. Learners can compare their performance against peers on the leaderboard.
Adobe Captivate Prime has taken skill-based learning to another level. Just about everything a learner does in Adobe Captivate Prime LMS can be tied back to the development of skills and competencies.
How to quantify the ROI of learning in your organisation?
Customer testmonial
“Since moving to Adobe Captivate Prime, OSL has increased learner engagement by 250%. We have also seen course completion rate jump from 30% on the previous LMS solution to over 75% on Captivate Prime.”
 – Hassan Farooqi, Manager, Learning and Enablement North America, OSL retail services



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