What is Adobe Digital Publishing Suite?

Adobe Digital Publishing Suite (DPS) is an end-to-end mobile content publishing solution that enables traditional media publishers, associations, enterprises, and higher education institutions to create, publish, market, and measure content-centric apps. With DPS you can create magazines, sales tools, internal communications pieces, and more and turn them into immersive, engaging applications that include audio, video, 360-degree views, and other interactivity — for viewing online or offline. See examples of some of the apps customers are creating.

What is a typical DPS workflow?

Content for an application can be designed in Adobe InDesign (part of Adobe Creative Cloud) or using HTML templates available through Adobe Experience Manager. Once your content is finalized, it is uploaded or synced with the Folio Producer Service (part of DPS) for additional production and management of articles included in a .folio (DPS file format). Folios are then distributed from the DPS Distribution Service into branded applications built with the DPS App Builder. Once your app is created, you can publish it privately or through any leading app store for download and installation on leading mobile devices. Finally, use analytics to measure readership and engagement to inform smart editorial and business decisions.

To which app stores can I publish my applications?

DPS supports publishing of apps to all of the leading marketplaces, including the Apple App Store (and Newsstand), Google Play, Amazon Appstore, and the Windows Store.

Is the Adobe .folio Format Specification publicly available?

Yes. Adobe published the technical specification for the .folio format under a free license in March 2014. Publishers, enterprises and marketplaces that agree to the license have access to the technical specification. To access the license click here. DPS customers will be able to extend their content more broadly through a variety of marketplaces that accept the .folio format specification. It will enable them to more efficiently produce digital content for mobile devices by eliminating the need to create and publish interactive, digital content in multiple, individual proprietary file formats supported by each unique marketplace. Newsstands and marketplaces that accept the license for the .folio format specification will be able to create their own native viewers capable of displaying digital magazines in the .folio file format.

Are there different buying options available with DPS?

Yes, there are two buying options available for companies looking for a robust digital publishing platform.

Professional Edition enables customers to create one app per license (effective March 1, 2014). Professional Edition customers can publish an unlimited number of folios within a single app and distribute those folios based on fulfillment bundles purchased. App(s) created with Professional Edition can be published to any public marketplace that Adobe supports. DPS Professional Edition customers can also create unlimited single edition apps under a single license. Professional Edition is sold as an annual commitment (multi-year agreements not available) and costs $4800 per year (€300/¥480,000) or as a monthly subscription at $400 per month (€300/¥40,000). The annual Pro Edition agreement includes 1000 fulfillments each year. The monthly subscription includes 250 fulfillments per month. DPS Professional Edition customers can purchase fulfillments separately in increments of 1,000 through their DPS account on the adobe.com store after their initial purchase of Profession Edition. Additionally, customers can purchase bundles of 10,000 through their DPS account on the adobe.com store or through an authorized Reseller.

Enterprise Edition give customers the ability to create an unlimited number of apps per license which can contain either single or multiple folios and be published to any public marketplace that Adobe supports. The Enterprise Edition also offers a more robust set of features than the Professional Edition. Enterprise Edition is sold as an annual contract and pricing is available through a custom quote. Request a consultation for more information about Enterprise Edition.

Can I upgrade from DPS Professional Edition to DPS Enterprise Edition?

Yes. If you decide to upgrade, all applications published with a Professional Edition license will be automatically associated with an Enterprise Edition account. Contact Adobe for additional information.

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