Administration Customization

JMX Service-Based Architecture

All the Adobe JRun 4 features (EJB container, web container, logging, etc.) are implemented as JMX services (called MBeans) plugged into the JRun kernel. This elegant service-based architecture provides both a highly customizable (you use only the services you need) and easily extensible (you can create your own custom services) deployment platform.

New JRun Management Console

The redesigned, JMX-enabled JRun Management Console (JMC) provides an easy-to-use, intuitive graphical user interface to manage your local and remote JRun servers. Using the JMC, you easily create servers, define clusters, manage applications, and implement JAAS-based security.

Customizable Logging Service

The JRun 4 fully configurable logging service allows you to control how different types of messages, errors, and exceptions are logged. The logging service is fully extensible, allowing for tight control over the logging medium, message format, and volume of output. Logging can be asynchronously coupled to the application to minimize performance impacts.

OEM Toolkit

The JRun 4 OEM toolkit allows OEMs to customize JRun 4 installation and tailor JRun servers to their needs.

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