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Photo editing made for everyone.

Lightroom makes it easy to get your images just right. Edit from anywhere you are and take your photography to new places.

Plans starting at £9.98/mo.

Not sure which photography plan is best for you? Take a minute. We’ll help you to figure it out.

Make your images match the moment.

Easy ways to adjust exposure, colour and more let you create photos that capture your vision.

Photos that feel real

Give your photos that genuine 'real feel' by playing about with highlights, shadows, and more for natural-looking colour tones.

Layer multiple images to tell your character's story in a single frame

London-born Rosie Matheson plays with layers and opacity to superimpose multiple shots into one frame for maximum storytelling impact.

Tips straight from the pros

With over 30 years documentary and travel photography experience under his belt, Nick Rains is here to guide you through in-app Adobe Lightroom tutorials, help you find your next burst of inspiration for your next project, and introduce you to the Lightroom community.

Powerful editing across devices that tap, type and swipe

London-based architecture photographer Tobi tweaks light, sharpness, colour on the go with the Lightroom Mobile app so his creativity is never capped. Automatic syncing between mobile and desktop makes it a breeze for him to switch between devices, too.

Keep your subject looking sharp

Your model is the focus of your photo, so let them shine! British portrait photographer Rosie Matheson stops busy backgrounds distracting from the subject by reducing the sharpness of the background for a blurred, out-of-focus effect.

See what new can do.

Explore all the latest features in Lightroom.

Automatic noise removal

New AI-powered Denoise in Lightroom improves the quality of your photos without losing any of the details.

Faster-than-ever mobile editing.

Instantly access everything in your Apple iCloud or Android Gallery. Just tap any photo or video and start editing.

Precise ways to edit people

Select People now lets you target facial hair and clothing so you can quickly edit and enhance the people in your images.

More Adaptive Presets

Automatically add polish to your portraits with presets you can add to selected areas of your photo.

Black-and-white video editing

Now you can edit black-and-white videos through the Colour panel — and give all your work a cohesive look and feel.

Level up with Adobe Express.

Flyers to logos to Reels. Create easier. Dream bigger. With the new Adobe Express.

Discover the world of Lightroom.

Explore artist stories, tutorials, livestream events and more.


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