Make your photos yours.
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Make your photos yours. 

Make your photos yours. 

  • Remove anything in a click with generative AI
  • Add a blur effect powered by AI
  • Control midtones, shadows and highlights
  • Apply filters in a click with premium presets
  • Edit from anywhere on mobile, desktop or web
  • Remove anything in a touch with generative AI
  • Add an AI-powered lens blur
  • Apply filters in a click 
  • Edit on mobile, desktop, web

Not sure which photography plan is best for you? Take a minute. We’ll help you to figure it out.

Top 3 reasons to try Lightroom now.

1. Editing made easy.

Lightroom lets you make basic edits to brightness, contrast and more — so you can bring your furry friends front and centre.

2. Make your portraits pop.

Let Lightroom do the work with presets you can add in a tap. Make selfies more polished with presets for every skin tone.

3. Level up your skills.

Learn from other photographers who take you through guided tutorials inside the app — and find even more inspiration from the community in Lightroom Discover.

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