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Free Lightroom presets.

Download over 40 free Lightroom presets and edit your photos with just one click. Discover the presets collection that delivers stunning new looks for Instagram, photographers or starters.

Download free Lightroom presets.

Level up your photo editing with over 40 free Lightroom presets. Predefined settings allow you to transform your photos into a certain style or aesthetic with a single click filter. Easy to install, use and edit on the go.

Free Lightroom presets for basic editing.

Basic presets.

From food photography to portraits – get your free bundle with nine essential presets.

Free portrait Lightroom presets for Instagram and more.

Portrait presets.

Highlight your model's unique features with three free portrait presets.

Download free night presets for easy editing in Lightroom.

Night presets.

This bundle contains four presets. Dive into the night and edit your photos to a professional level.

Lightroom filters as free presets for vibrant colour editing.

Colour presets.

This bundle contains three presets to emphasise the vibrant colours and unique shades of your photos.

Get free nature presets to use in Lightroom.

Nature preset.

Bring out the breathtaking beauty of nature and fine-tune your photos with this free preset.

Download architecture Lightroom presets for free.

Architecture presets.

Enhance the aesthetics of architecture and give your photos a unique look with 18 architecture presets.

Edit street photography with free Lightroom presets.

Street preset.

Moody cityscapes and dramatic lighting – give your street photos an atmospheric feel with this preset.

Put your pet in the spotlight with free presets for Lightroom.

Pet presets.

Put your dog or cat in the spotlight with just a few clicks – with four free presets for animal lovers.

Download over 40 professional Lightroom presets for free.

All presets.

Get all 43 free Lightroom presets in one bundle and have fun experimenting with your photos.

How to use Lightroom presets.


Download and unpack.

Download your favourite preset or a preset bundle of your choice, then unzip the folder.



Launch Lightroom on desktop, then navigate to File > Import Profiles & Presets. Select the presets you’d like to add and click Import. You can also add or sync presets to the Lightroom mobile app.



Launch Lightroom on desktop, select a photo and click the presets button from within the Edit menu. Choose a category and select your desired preset to apply it to your image.

Take your photo editing to the next level.

Edit your photos with just one click.

Give your images a unique finish, perfect your photos or create a beautiful, unified feed on Instagram – all with just one click. Simplify your photo editing and turn ordinary snapshots into something amazing with Lightroom presets.

Level up your editing skills.

Improve your editing skills with Lightroom presets. With all the adjustments exposed, you can see how a particular look was achieved. You can even customise a preset to get exactly the look you're going for.

Edit anywhere, anytime.

Start editing at home on your laptop, then continue on the go on your phone. With Lightroom mobile, you can create stunning images wherever you are. Desktop and mobile presets sync automatically, so you always have access to your favourites.

Create your own presets.

Create your signature look with your own Lightroom presets. Adjust exposure, contrast and more. Save your photo adjustments as a new preset and apply it to your photos for a truly unique finish.

Your shot. Your story.

Get tips and tricks for creating amazing photos from photographers around the world. And check out quick tutorials to take your photography to new places.

Frequently asked questions.

Presets or Lightroom filters are predefined configurations of slider positions to help you quickly achieve a certain look for your photos. You can install presets in Adobe Lightroom and apply them to your photos with just one click.

Yes, you can download a 7-day free trial of Adobe Lightroom. The free trial is the official, full version of the app and includes all the features and updates from the latest version of Lightroom. Your free trial starts when you check out, and it lasts for seven days. The trial will automatically convert to a paid Creative Cloud membership when it’s complete, unless you cancel before then. Start free trial

Lightroom comes with presets already installed, but you can also import new presets. To get a preset for Lightroom desktop, launch the app, navigate to File > Import Profiles & Presets, select the presets you’d like to add and click Import. To get a preset for Lightroom mobile, you can import it into the Lightroom desktop app. Once imported, your presets sync to the mobile app. Alternatively, you can also import presets in Lightroom for mobile.

In Lightroom you can create your own presets, use the pre-installed presets or install new, ready-to-use presets. Start from scratch or use a preset as a base and then customise it to create your desired look. Learn more

Yes, there are free Lightroom presets. There are already 40 presets included in your Lightroom subscription that you can use for free. You can find more free presets here. Additionally, you can search the web for Lightroom presets that other photographers and photo enthusiasts have made available for free.

With Lightroom presets, you can easily give your photos a unique look. Lightroom presets are perfect for creating a beautiful and unified feed on Instagram. Just open the photos you want to share in Adobe Lightroom, edit them with the preset of your choice, and then share on Instagram or another social media channel.

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