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Over 390 million Web users have installed Adobe Shockwave Player. These people now have access to some of the best the Web has to offer - including dazzling 3D games and entertainment, interactive product demonstrations, and online learning applications. Shockwave Player displays Web content that has been created by Macromedia Director.

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Macromedia Director and Shockwave Player Support FAQ

Read about Adobe's plans for Director and Shockwave Player, including information on installation and technical support.

Mac OS v10.4 "Tiger" Compatibility

Adobe Shockwave Player is compatible with Mac OS X v10.4 "Tiger." Any future updates about compatibility will be reported in the Emerging Issues TechNote.

Shockwave Player in Action

Pearson Prentice Hall: Science Explorer, Active Art Digital Curriculum

Using Director and the built in support for textured real-time interactive 3D environments of Shockwave Player allows Pearson Prentice Hall to deliver interactive simulations, online and offline, for its innovative Science Explorer program.

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Pearson Prentice Hall: Science Explorer

Pearson Prentice Hall: Science Explorer

Science Alberta Foundation: Wonderville 3D

Science Alberta Foundation used Director to create an immersive, media-rich 3D environment that engages students in unique science learning. By leveraging existing Flash assets and the rapid development environment of Director, Science Alberta Foundation was able to deliver Wonderville3D in only three months.

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Science Alberta Foundation: Wonderville3D

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