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Variable Data Publishing Resource Center

Case studies

Why not learn from the most experienced? Adobe is pleased to share the following success stories of best-in-class Variable Data Publishing (VDP) programs implemented by a worldwide network of partners.

Adobe VDP case studies

Montage logo

Montage Graphics: Making it personal

Montage Graphics began as a graphic arts service bureau and has evolved into a marketing services firm that offers one-to-one marketing solutions and a one-stop shop for top-notch digital imaging services. The firm relies on Adobe design and web software, and an Adobe PDF workflow, to create and deliver high-impact multichannel VDP campaigns.

Read the full story (PDF, 1.9M)


Magicomm: Just like magic

This innovative marketing agency uses Adobe web and design software to create multitouch campaigns, personalized websites, and e-commerce solutions that help clients like Xerox, Pantone, Agfa Graphic Systems, and Global Document Solutions achieve their sales goals.

Read the full story (PDF, 747K)

Document Centre logo

The Document Centre: Distributed literature creation

The Document Centre enables the distributed creation and ordering of literature by building e-literature websites for its customers. Its solution is based on the Creo Web Composition System (WCS), which has an underlying Adobe® InDesign® engine. "We create the document templates using Adobe InDesign CS2, and then our customers can personalize them and order from the web portal," says Wendy Wolf, variable data specialist for The Document Centre.

Read the case study (PDF, 729K)

Primary Color logo

Primary Color: Color me perfect

VDP and marketing automation are Primary Color's business. "VDP is a boon for the print industry because it enables one-to-one messaging, giving print an edge over other media," says Jay Sato, manufacturing technology manager. "That's important because printers now compete not only with each other but also with other media, such as radio, TV, and the web."

Read the case study (PDF, 389K)

Cadmus Communications logo

Cadmus Communications

Using InDesign CS2 software, Cadmus has a solid foundation for integrating solutions from leading third-party VDP software providers into its services. Combined, the solutions from Adobe and VDP providers enable Cadmus to automatically create highly personalized documents for direct mail and other outreach.

Read the full story (PDF, 636K)

Consolidated Graphics, Inc. logo

Consolidated Graphics Group

When customers submit VDP jobs to CGG, they upload a database file containing their customer names, custom images, or other personalized content. The online VDP systems that CGG uses are based on Adobe PDF templates. "If customers involve the printer at the design stage, we can provide this type of guidance before the design is created — for example, cautioning them to leave enough room on the page after the paragraph," says Dave Minnick, chief technology officer.

Read the full story (PDF, 1.1M)

Tucker Printers logo

Tucker Printers makes change a constant

Lean how Henrietta, New York–based Tucker Printers has mastered VDP and increased overall production efficiency using Adobe Creative Suite® 2 software. Rick Tatanus, account manager, reports, "VDP technology from Adobe is more viable than ever, and that's making VDP the fastest growing area of our business."

Read the full story (PDF, 543K)

Working Words & Graphics logo

Working Words & Graphics

Gorham, Maine–based Working Words & Graphics is a variable data design and publishing service bureau that maximizes its market and minimizes materials loss with Creative Suite 2 and an Adobe PDF workflow.

Read the full story (PDF, 187K)

Canfield and Tack logo

Canfield & Tack

Creative Suite and the Adobe Partner Connection program help Canfield & Tack streamline its workflows and offer innovative new services, including VDP. "The Printable Technologies and Adobe workflow is 100% digital and automated," says IT Director Andrew Kappy. "It's amazingly fast and efficient because the applications work together so seamlessly."

Read the full story (PDF, 840K)

AGS Logo

Associated Graphics Services uses VDP to help clients boost fundraising

Learn how AGS helped Wesley College increase response rates and gift sizes with customized letters created with Creo DARWIN VI, a plug-in for InDesign CS2.

Read the full story (PDF, 738K)

Trekk Cross-Media logo

Tailor-made campaigns by Trekk Cross-Media

At Trekk, creative and graphics professionals work alongside software developers to produce VDP solutions for print and the web using workflows based on Creative Suite 2.

Read the full story (PDF, 679K)

Clemson logo

Clemson University: Ahead of the curve

Graphic communications students leave Clemson University ready to take on the production world.

Read the full story (PDF, 330K)

AlphaGraphics logo

AlphaGraphics embraces innovation

AlphaGraphics reduces preflight by 35% and offers customers strategic VDP capabilities using technologies and software from Adobe.

Read the full story (PDF, 441K)

Padgett Printing logo

Padgett Printing: A forerunner in VDP

Padgett Printing tripled its sales and strengthened customer relationships with VDP and digital print offerings.

Read the full story (PDF, 864K)

K/P Corporation logo

K/P Corporation: Close to you

This print communications leader utilizes Creative Suite 2 to create streamlined VDP solutions that bring them closer to their customers.

Read the full story (PDF, 506K)

Plug-in partner case studies

Pantone logo

Xerox and XMPie: Pantone case study

Leveraging VDP technologies from Xerox and XMPie, Pantone launched a high-impact, multichannel campaign that integrated personalized e-mail, print, and web pages.

Read the full story (PDF, 3.0M)

Objectif Lune logo

Atlas Software: Auto Benelux case study

Auto Benelux is a car dealer in Amstelveen, Holland, that imports and sells Renault cars. Creative firm Eye-D leveraged the power of PrintShop Mail from Atlas Software, an Objectif Lune company, to help Auto Benelux sell a record 20 cars in three weeks.

Read the full story (PDF, 187K)

Atlas Software: Mission Pharmacal case study

Mission Pharmacal, a pharmaceutical company based in San Antonio, Texas, regularly sends out marketing mailings to customers. Using PrintShop Mail, the company raised response rates from 5% to nearly 20%.

Read the full story (PDF, 98K)

Printable Technologies logo

Printable Technologies: One-to-one marketing made real

Printable Technologies offers a turnkey, brandable web-to-print solution to customers like Ameriprise Financial.

Read the full story (PDF, 707K)

Printable Technologies: Prisma Graphic case study

Prisma Graphic launched a digital commerce site called With the help of Printable Technologies and FusionPro Desktop and FusionPro Server, sales have grown more than 25% per year.

Read the full story (PDF, 87K)

Saepio logo

Saepio: FLM Graphics case study

FLM used Saepio technology to become much more than a traditional printer for Volvo Cars of North America.

Read the full story (PDF, 186K)

Saepio: HBP case study

HBP integrates Saepio technologies into a value-added solution that drives printing to the company's presses.

Read the full story (PDF, 328K)

Saepio: RT Color case study

RT Color drew on Saepio technology to become a key marketing partner to its customers.

Read the full story (PDF, 199K)

XMPie logo

XMPie: Calgary Council of Advanced Technology

Orange Door Communications utilized XMPie VDP solutions to develop a multichannel promotional campaign for an event at the Calgary Council of Advanced Technology. The campaign boosted attendance, resulting in a sold-out event and the biggest turnout in the forum's history.

Read the full story (PDF, 756K)

XMPie: Roger P. Gimbel & Associates — Xerox Corporation Digitally Cool case study

Using XMPie PersonalEffect VDP software, Roger P. Gimbel & Associates created more than 13,000 customized invitations in six languages to drive attendance to a series of 19 Xerox seminars. The campaign attracted 40 to 200 attendees per event, adding 1,600 highly qualified new prospects to the Xerox sales cycle.

Read the full story (PDF, 867K)

XMPie case study: One to One Gulfcoast

One to One Gulfcoast uses an XMPie VDP solution to achieve record fundraising results for an educational nonprofit group.

Read the full story (PDF, 1.0M)

XMPie: Charter Bank case study

New Mexico–based Charter Bank wanted to advise customers of its new, expanded services, while positioning itself as a high-quality regional bank. VDP pioneers Trekk Cross-Media and Yoffi Digital Printing used XMPie PersonalEffect to create a highly targeted personalization campaign that generated millions in new business.

Read the full story (PDF, 145K)

XMPie: West Marine case study

Using XMPie PersonalEffect personalization software, West Marine was able to boost holiday sales to record levels with a personalized campaign that motivated 14% of recipients to visit its retail stores.

Read the full story (PDF, 361K)

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Print service provider case studies

Creo Print On-Demand Solutions logo

Creo: CMD Services case study

CMD Services Inc. is a nationally recognized leader in the digital print and order fulfillment industry, specializing in the production, warehousing, and distribution of training, benefits, marketing, and financial materials. Creo and Xerox teamed to provide CMD with a VDP solution that includes DocuColor 2060, Spire Color Server, and Xerox DocuColor iGen3.

Read the full story (PDF, 3.2M)

EFI logo

EFI case study: Winner of 2006 Best Practices in Digital Print by PODi

Read the full story (PDF, 692K)

EFI case study: Graphic Printers, Inc. connects with customers

Read the full story (PDF, 1.5M)

EFI case study: Sir Speedy blazes new trails in VDP

Sir Speedy opened a new VDP revenue stream with Fiery Ex2000, Fiery FreeForm, and Xerox DocuColor 2045.

Read the full story (PDF, 516K)

Kodak logo

Kodak NexPress: John Deere case study

Marketing and communications teams at John Deere cut the cost of annual mailing campaigns by two-thirds and were able to satisfy the strategic goals of three divisions with one cohesive message. This could not have been achieved without the variable data capabilities of digital color printing.

Read the full story (PDF, 436K)

Xerox logo

Xerox: Cathedral Corporation case study

A flexible Xerox digital workflow helps Cathedral Corporation improve member services at the UMassFIVE College Federal Credit Union.

Read the full story (PDF, 308K)

Xerox: DST Output case study

DST Output, one of the world's largest providers of business-critical communications, relies on the latest Xerox technology to remain at the forefront of its industry.

Read the full story (PDF, 1.2M)

Xerox: Foxfire Printing case study

Foxfire Printing helps retailers move products from shelves to shopping carts with the Xerox DocuColor iGen3 Digital Production Press.

Read the full story (PDF, 458K)

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