Reskilling and upskilling through modern apprenticeships.

Part of our commitment to fostering a diverse and inclusive workforce, the Adobe Digital Academy offers career switchers the education and experience they need to launch successful careers in user experience (UX) design, data science and software engineering.


To help other companies build their own modern apprenticeship programmes, we’ve created an open-source playbook that explains our process and offers tips and best practices. 

Build an Apprenticeship Programme

Explore Adobe’s open-source playbook to discover how to build your own apprenticeship programme.

Build an Apprenticeship Programme
Apply to Digital Academy

Apply to Digital Academy

Applications are open 1 September – 13 November via our education partner, General Assembly.

Adobe Digital Academy

Located in San Francisco and New York City


Phase 1

Scholarship + living stipend


Phase 2

Apprenticeship +

mentorship at an Adobe office


Phase 3

Full-time role at Adobe or

  another company


“You learn so much in a short amount of time at the development boot camp and then once you’re at Adobe you realise there is so much more to learn. There is a really good support system for learning new technologies and the team trusts me to experiment and explore.”


Adriana Villagran

Former Digital Academy apprentice,

now full-time Adobe software engineer



“As product managers, we’re always trying to develop a really strong sense of empathy for and understanding of the customers who experience our software. That’s why it’s essential to have multiple, diverse perspectives on our team.”


Mark Nichoson
Digital Academy hiring manager & principal
product manager, Digital Imaging


Digital Academy by the numbers

100 per cent


With the launch of our playbook, we’re committing to place 99% of Adobe Digital Academy graduates into full-time jobs moving forward, whether at Adobe or another company

96 per cent


96% retention rate for Digital Academy hires

people icon


50% promoted within their first year on staff

30K to 100K


From $30K to $100K average annual pay increase for a Digital Academy hire

Meet Digital Academy grads

Interested in hiring grads for full-time positions?



Jazmin Campos


Jazmin Campos

With an extensive public health background, Jazmin approaches UX design and research with a passion for understanding people’s needs and an exceptional ability to communicate ideas across diverse backgrounds. Her unique perspective helps her design with users’ social and behavioural values in mind.


LinkedIn | Twitter | Instagram


Brandon Johnson


Brandon Johnson

Brandon has a passion for sleek, simple web interfaces and clean, efficient code. He primarily works in full-stack Javascript, but can quickly pick up and use new languages and frameworks. He loves communicating and working with teams, which benefit from his experience in operations, customer service and facilities management. 


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