Pro Bono Initiative

We know we can have a much greater impact in local communities by collaborating with other like-minded individuals and organizations than we can by acting alone. As an extension of this philosophy, the Adobe Pro Bono Initiative seeks to create mutually beneficial relationships between Adobe, our employees, and our nonprofit partners.
We designed this initiative based on input we received from our employees and nonprofit organizations around the world. The result is an effort that mobilizes the expertise, talent, and passion of our employees in skilled volunteer projects that make a sustainable and meaningful difference for nonprofits. At the same time, it provides valuable learning opportunities and supports career development for Adobe participants.
Since piloting the initiative in 2012, we have delivered over $411,000 worth in skilled volunteering hours to our participating nonprofit partners. All employees who have participated in our Pro Bono Initiative say that it positively affects their job satisfaction and 100% of the non-profits believe this support will improve their organization. This connection has created a mutually-beneficial impact on our people and our communities.

Here are a few the nonprofit partners who benefitted from our Pro Bono Initiative:

Inneract Project
The Inneract Project (IP), a nonprofit based in San Francisco, Calif., provides free design education to inner-city youth and their communities, serving as a facilitator to aspiring career designers and a mentor to youth pursuing higher education. One of the key determinants of IP’s success is its ability to inform parents about the value and practical application of design education. To address this need, IP engaged a team of Adobe Pro Bono volunteers, including designers and developers. This group was tasked with creating marketing materials to highlight successful professionals with backgrounds in design. Volunteers captured video footage of innovators, creators, and designers who had inspiring stories to share about their unique career paths. This footage will become part of a documentary series that will featured on the IP website, serving as an accessible tool for youth and their parents.

Children’s Creativity Museum
The Children’s Creativity Museum (CCM) in San Francisco, Calif., needed a safe and inviting space where its youngest visitors could engage in activities that support developmental growth. A team of Adobe Pro Bono volunteers, which included XD developers and designers, set out to deliver a cutting-edge digital gallery and studio for children ages five and under. The studio includes a pressure sensitive floor with an interactive reaction on an LED light array wall. Along the studio walls, children can use their movement and touch to interact with screens and prompt projected sounds. The space Adobe and CCM created together provides a unique and educational experience for young children and their families.

Global Lives Project
Global Lives Project (GLP) is a volunteer-based creative collaborative focused on cultivating empathy across cultures. Based in San Francisco, Calif., GLP works to curate an ever-expanding collection of films that capture the life of individuals from around the world, allowing viewers to engage with participants and spread awareness. GLP spent six years developing a volunteer management and video production process to enable the creation of up to three films per year. In 2012, when GLP was awarded the funds to support the creation of up to 10 films in one year, the staff quickly recognized the need for a more streamlined and scalable methodology and infrastructure to support rapid production. To tackle this organizational challenge, GLP collaborated with a team of Adobe Pro Bono volunteers over a three-month period. This group delivered a comprehensive guide to support turnkey film production. As a result, GLP was able to leverage its increased budget to produce 10 films in one year.

Youth Services Bureau Ottawa
The Youth Services Bureau Ottawa (YSB) in Ontario, Canada, offers emergency shelter, transitional housing, and a 24-hour regional crisis line for local youth, among other services. Prior to becoming involved in the Adobe Pro Bono initiative, YSB was able to collect a large amount of data about organizational performance and growth; however utilizing the data was a challenge. The organization was manually aggregating data across multiple systems each time a report was needed, which put a strain on staff time and resources. YSB needed one central database capable of connecting multiple systems and quickly generating accurate reports that could be shared with funders and other organizations. To address this need, an Adobe Pro Bono volunteer team was assembled. This group gathered internal requirements and established useful case scenarios to identify appropriate connection and data storage platforms. The team also supported the design and build of the database, training YSB staff on data management and reporting processes. With this infrastructure in place, YSB is able to more effectively and efficiently carry out its mission.