Pro Bono Initiative

We know we can have a much greater impact in local communities by collaborating with other like-minded individuals and organizations than we can by acting alone. As an extension of this philosophy, the Adobe Pro Bono Initiative seeks to create mutually beneficial relationships between Adobe, our employees and our nonprofit partners through skilled volunteering.
We designed this initiative based on input we received from our employees and nonprofit organizations around the world. The result is an effort that mobilizes the expertise, talent and passion of our employees in skilled volunteer projects that make a sustainable and meaningful difference for nonprofits. At the same time, it provides valuable learning opportunities and supports career development for Adobe participants.
Since piloting the initiative in 2012, we have delivered over $600,000 worth of skilled volunteering hours to our participating nonprofit partners. All employees who have participated in our Pro Bono Initiative say that it positively affects their job satisfaction, and 100% of the nonprofits believe this support will improve their organization. This connection has created a mutually beneficial impact on our people and our communities.

Read about the meaningful work our employees have undertaken, and the positive outcomes experienced by our nonprofit partners.



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