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Updated May 11, 2016.


This document is designed for administrators and other enterprise IT professionals who manage Acrobat products. It is not intended for end users. Most of the details here pertain to registry and plist level preferences, enterprise technologies, and features that require administrator privileges to use.

What’s new in DC (base release)

A short list of documentation changes and additions related to the first Acrobat DC release includes the following:

  • Two products tracks (Continuous, Classic) each with unique characteristics.

  • A new method for granting usage rights: Named user deployments streamline managing users and groups as well as provisioning for mobile devices.

  • Adobe Enterprise Dashboard: Links and information about managing users, groups, and deployments.

  • With the July 14, 2015 release, DC products support configuring some services from the Enterprise Dashboard.

  • Identity management: Support for Enterprise IDs and Federated IDs in addition to Adobe IDs on both the desktop and mobile devices.

  • Virtualization enhancements:

    • Microsoft UE-V support
    • Updates to WTS and Citrix deployments
    • App-V updates
  • An updated and expanded SCUP catalog set for SCCM deployments.

  • Updater configuration details, including a separate updater option for web plug-ins.

  • Update order and constraints: All updates, including out of cycle patches, are cumulative to the base release. DC products never require chaining updates.

  • A redesigned services integration framework (Wizard UI and registry/plist preferences).

  • A new versioning methodology which is more meaningful and granular .

  • Preference configuration:

    • Versionless preferences for the Continuous track
    • Preference synchronization across machines
    • A redesigned preference set for services integration
    • New preferences for a variety of feature controls
  • A redesign of the Tools UI, including a Tools Center (tab), tools search, and extensive customization options. The changes emphasize usability, discovery, and customization.

  • New tools groupings that streamline workflows.

  • A stand-alone language configuration section.

  • Updates to Macintosh deployments.

  • More update options including automatic updates and a better silent install experience.

  • A separate document for legacy content so that users on supported products have a smaller Admin Guide.

  • Flash is no longer used anywhere in the UI and does not need to be part of any product deployment or update.

  • Windows Server 2008 is no longer supported.

  • The Windows Reader Perpetual track is a MUI install which includes bundled dictionary and font packs.

  • Signature profile and appearance synchronization: With the July 14, 2015 release, DC products, non digital signature appearances (those associated with Adobe Sign (EchoSign) are synchronized between eSign, Fill & Sign on the web, mobile apps, and desktop. Signatures or initials created in eSign will now be available in Fill & Sign, and vice versa. When the application detects signatures saved in different apps, users are asked which one should be retained.

  • With the July 14, 2015 release, 11.x and DC versions of Acrobat and Reader may be installed in the same machine. Previously, major versions of the same product were not supported on the same machine.

2015 updates

For details about feature changes in product updates, see:

May 10, 2016

The following list contains changes to the enterprise-related features and documentation:

  • Support for VMware Horizon server for streaming to Windows machines via VDI.

  • Added this enterprise-specific What’s New section.

  • Added virtualization overview section with licensing support details.

  • Added SWID collection scripts.

  • Added GUID definitions for DC.

  • Added new network endpoint details:

    • ardownload.adobe.com
    • armmf.adobe.com
    • trustlist.adobe.com
    • crl.adobe.com/cds.crl
    • ans.oobesaas.adobe.com/ans/v1/sms
    • armmf.adobe.com/onboarding/smskill.txt
  • Preference changes:

    • bEnableCommentNewLayout: New. Specifies whether to disable the new commenting style.
    • bToggleToDoList: New. Specifies whether to show a To Do List on the Home screen.
    • bKillSwitchOn and iKillSwitchCheckDay: New. Controls the new SMS feature.
    • bKeyPrefsShowVirtualKeyoard: New. Shows touch keyboard on Win 8 and later touch devices.
    • bDisableSharepoint: Updated. Documentation bug fix.
    • bAdobeSendPluginToggle: Updated. Documentation bug fix.
    • bToggleWebConnectors: Updated. Now controls all 3rd party storage services (e.g. Box, Drive).
    • bDisableThumbnailPreviewHandler: Updated. Supports 64-bit.
    • bEnableAcrobatHS: Updated for 11.0.16: Disables all Adobe Sign features that weren’t disabled before (bug fix).

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