Macromedia MAX 2004

Speaker Bios


Selene Bainum

Selene Bainum is a Senior Web Developer with INPUT, the source for government market intelligence. Selene has 9 years of HTML and database experience and has been developing with ColdFusion since version 1.5 (1996). She uses her knowledge of web technologies to design and develop enterprise web applications from the ground up. Over the years, she has created numerous practical and creative applications to meet the needs of many different organizations. These applications include fully functional e-commerce web sites, dynamic content management systems, an automated software fulfillment system and a Board of Directors Extranet for a Fortune 500 company. Selene has been very active in the ColdFusion community by being a member of Team Macromedia, contributing articles to the ColdFusion Developer’s Journal and maintaining a ColdFusion tutorial site – She has also co-authored two ColdFusion books for Sybex: Mastering ColdFusion MX and the ColdFusion MX Developer’s Handbook.

Brad Becker

Brad Becker is a Senior Product Designer for the new Macromedia Consulting group. He was formerly the product designer for Flex Builder, Flash, Flash Professional, and the Flash Player. Prior to working at Macromedia, Brad spent eleven years as a software engineer, leading teams in the development of commercial client/server and web applications. In his spare time, Brad created web projects for clients including Universal Music, Arista, and Mojo Records. He also found time to form a band, record six albums, perform for half a million people, and write a song for one very forgettable Warner Bros movie.

John Bennett

John Bennett is an architect in the newly formed Macromedia Consulting group. Macromedia Consulting acts as a catalyst for Flex development projects with strategic customers and partners, driving early phase development projects that demonstrate best practices in Rich Internet Application development. Before joining Macromedia, John built enterprise software solutions for financial services companies.

Graham Blake

Graham Blake is a freelance designer and illustrator with a background in educational multimedia development. After completing a degree in graphic communication he spent a number of years working with a leading software company before finally realising his goal of self-employment. He is currently studying a masters in illustration and design as well as being one third of BlueskyNorth Ltd, a company he helped set up specialising in handheld software development. He does occasional DTP work in Photoshop, Freehand and Acrobat. His main web design tools are the Macromedia Studio MX 2004 suite of Dreamweaver, Fireworks and Flash. He also develops dynamic sites using PHP and MySQL.

David Bliss

David Bliss is a cofounder of Odopod, a design studio with a unique combination of talents. Odopod specializes in software product design and development and has a range of experience that includes rich-media websites, desktop applications, interactive TV and mobile devices. The
company works for Macromedia, Nike, Kodak and Red Bull, among others. After graduating from the University of Texas School of Architecture, David co-founded Circumstance Design. As technical director at Circumstance, he led the company to acclaim for its innovation in interactive media and design. In 1999, Rare Medium acquired Circumstance. As design director at Rare, David led the Broadband and Convergence Group's adoption of a user-centered design process that fostered a high degree innovation. In November of 2000 David cofounded Odopod. David's work is influenced and informed by interactive storytelling, algorithmic compositions, object oriented information design and user-centered design practices.For more information about David and Odopod, visit

Matt Boles

As a principal instructor for the Macromedia Educational Services group, Matthew Boles has been using or teaching ColdFusion for five years and Macromedia Flash for three years. Matthew has a diverse background in web development, computer networking, and teaching, in both professional computer classes and the public schools. He co-authored the Certified ColdFusion Developer Study Guide, and has worked as a course developer on the official Macromedia curriculum in both ColdFusion and Macromedia Flash.

Betsy Bruce

Betsy Bruce creates training applications using Dreamweaver, Flash, and Authorware. Betsy is the author of Sams Teach Yourself Macromedia Dreamweaver in 24 Hours and eLearning with Dreamweaver: Creating Online Learning Applications from Macromedia Press. She has consulted with clients such as Boeing Commercial Airplane Group, IBM, AT&T Wireless, and Canon USA . Betsy was born and raised in Iowa , received her B.S. degree from the University of Iowa , and an M.A. from San Diego State University . She resides in Seattle.

Angela C. Buraglia

Angela Buraglia used to be a makeup artist for independent film, but she left her career for one where she could work from home and raise her son. Although she only aspired to be a web developer, unintentionally she became that and more. She is perhaps best known as the founder of which she still runs today with Daniel Short. Angela is the co-author of Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004 Killer Tips with Joseph Lowery as well as a co-author of Macromedia Dreamweaver MX 2004 Magic. She is a contributing author to Macromedia ColdFusion MX Web Application Construction Kit and has been a technical editor for various Dreamweaver titles. Angela’s future plans are to continue developing, to build and sell Dreamweaver extensions, and to continue her involvement in Cartweaver. Long gone are the days of applying makeup; now Angela applies her variety of skills to web development.


Raymond Camden

Raymond Camden is Director of Development for Mindseye, Inc. A long time ColdFusion user, Raymond is a co-author of the "Mastering ColdFusion" series published by Sybex Inc, as well as the lead author for the ColdFusion MX Developer's Handbook. He also presents at numerous conferences and contributes to online webzines. He is a contributor and technical editor of the ColdFusion Developer's Journal. He and Rob Brooks-Bilson created and run the Common Function Library Project (, an open source repository of ColdFusion UDFs. Raymond has helped form three ColdFusion User Groups and is the manager of the Acadiana MMUG. You can reach him at

Chris Campbell

Chris Campbell is a Senior QA Engineer for Macromedia's Mobile and Devices division. He joined the company in 1998, and has shipped several products including Director 8.5 and the Flash Player 6 SDK. Currently responsible for the quality of the FlashCast datasource API, he works with content providers to design FlashCast datasource schemas. He developed and teaches a series of courses in Flash at the UC Berkeley Extension. Chris also composes and performs electronic music.

Matt Chotin

Matt Chotin is a Senior Software Engineer at Macromedia working on Macromedia Flex. Matt joined the company in early 2003 and soon was a member of the fabulous Flex team. Matt has focused on the data features of Flex including data binding, validation, models, and various data services. Before Macromedia he worked at Interwoven on the VisualAnnotate content review system. When not coding or blogging for work Matt enjoys sailing, snowboarding, and Muay Thai.

Robert Christensen

Robert Christensen is an engineer on the Macromedia Dreamweaver team where he has served in a variety of development positions for nearly six years. Initially joining Macromedia as a quality assurance engineer in 1998, Rob eventually helped lead the launch of the Macromedia Exchange, an online community featuring hundreds of extensions for many Macromedia products. While a member of the Exchange team, he developed many popular extensions to Dreamweaver including the Web Photo Album 2.0. Later, Robert moved back to the Dreamweaver development team where he researched, designed, and developed new features for Dreamweaver MX and Dreamweaver MX2004. Currently, Robert is a core member of product development team working on developing the next version of Dreamweaver. Robert has contributed work to online publications as well as Macromedia related books such as “Roadmap to Contribute”. In his spare time, Robert enjoys traveling and is an avid independent moviegoer.

Paul Clothier

Paul Clothier is a learning specialist, eLearning consultant, and author. He has been in the technology training and learning field for over 20 years. His articles and books have been featured in numerous training magazines including IT Training Magazine, e-Learning Magazine, Learning Circuits and the eLearning Guild Journal. As well as discussing eLearning strategy with organizations Paul gets his hands dirty developing eLearning content.  Paul runs a consulting business, Fhoton Learning, that helps organizations move from traditional training to blended eLearning. Contact Paul by email at

Damon Cooper

Damon Cooper is Director of Engineering for ColdFusion at Macromedia.  His team is currently focused on building and delivering the next generation of Macromedia server technologies, including the next major version of ColdFusion, code-named “Blackstone”, designed to bring truly unprecedented power, radical new capabilities and ease-of-use to thousands of users and developers worldwide.  Damon led the ColdFusion team through the recent ColdFusion MX “RedSky” 6.1 release, and was previously Director of Quality Assurance for ColdFusion.  Damon joined Allaire in 1998, founded the Consulting group, created the Performance Analysis & Tuning consulting engagement and courseware, built the Enterprise Lab, and drove the quality, performance and delivery of CF 4.5 SP1 & SP2, and CF5.  Damon spent previous lives at Powersoft/Sybase, Aetna and EDS.


Jim Damian

Jim Damian is proud to serve as the Web Systems Director for the Alameda County Social Services Agency (Oakland, CA). Jim leads a dedicated team of web professionals, each of whom uses advanced web technology to make the world a better place. Jim holds a Master’s degree from UC Berkeley and is passionate about the role that technology plays in helping to solve complex social problems.

Philip Double

Philip Double is a multimedia developer with 10 years of experience. After graduating from Penn State with a B.A. in Film in 1995, he began his career in television and film before being introduced to Macromedia Flash in 1998. He has been working almost exclusively in Flash ever since. For the past 3 years he has been developing educational content for government clients at CTC in Johnstown , PA. CTC is the prime contractor on the ADL (Advanced Distributed Learning) initiative, creators of the SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model). Philip will share some of his experiences on integrating the SCORM and Macromedia Flash during his presentation.

Steve Drucker

Mr. Drucker is the CEO of Fig Leaf Software based in Washington, D.C. He is a Certified Macromedia "Master" Instructor for ColdFusion MX, Macromedia Flash MX, and Dreamweaver MX, as well as a Certified Macromedia Flash MX developer, Dreamweaver MX Developer, and Advanced ColdFusion MX Developer. He has also authored numerous technical articles for the CFDJ and delivered a series of seminars about integrating Content Management Systems, E-Commerce Systems, and Web-Portals using multiple products and platforms.

Daniel Dura

Daniel Dura, along with his brother Josh (, is co-founder of Dura Media LLC (, a leading Rich Internet Application development firm based in Dallas, Texas. They have both been involved in numerous projects, including development of the Macromedia DevNet Resource Kits (DRKs). From his early days developing applications using Pascal, C++, and Java, Daniel has always been fascinated with devising ways that individuals can use computers to enhance activities in their daily lives. His first introduction to Flash was in the days of Flash 4, but became obsessed with the technology when Flash 5 was released. A self-proclaimed Macromedia Flash evangelist, he has worked in many fields including education and telecommunications, where he has always been able to convey the value of the benefit of Macromedia Flash based technologies to executives and employees alike. His most recent speaking assignment was at Flash Forward 2004 in New York City where he spoke about the DRKs. He was recently named a member of Team Macromedia, focusing on Macromedia Central, and runs a blog found at


Dirk Eismann

Dirk Eismann is a Software Engineer at the Hannover based software company Herrlich & Ramuschkat. Dirk typed his first code lines back in the 80’s on Commodore machines and started developing with Macromedia tools in 1996 when he was hired as a freelance developer to built a CBT application based on Director 5.0. Since then he constantly leveraged his skills and created interactive applications for clients such as BMW, Blaupunkt and Faurecia. Right now he builds rich internet applications with tools like Flash, Flex, ColdFusion and Central.

Dirk is also a Macromedia Certified Instructor and an active member of the Flash/Flex community. When he’s not working he likes cooking, watching Monty Python and playing board games.

Troy Evans

Troy Evans is senior product manager at Macromedia. Evans is responsible for product management for Macromedia Flash Player client products related to Mobile and Devices. Evans has been at Macromedia for four years, where he has been responsible for all aspects of product management for the desktop Macromedia Flash Player prior to moving to the mobile and devices area, often as an active spokesperson for the company with customers, technology and security issues. Prior to Macromedia, Evans was product manager at Renaissance Software Limited, responsible for Macromedia sales activities within New Zealand.


Ben Forta

Ben Forta is Senior Product Evangelist at Macromedia, and has over two decades of experience in the computer industry in product development, support, training, and marketing. Ben is the author of the best-selling ColdFusion Web Application Construction Kit and its sequel Advanced ColdFusion Application Development, as well as books on SQL, JavaServer Pages, WAP, Windows development, and more. Over ½ million Ben Forta books have been printed in a dozen languages worldwide. Ben co-authored the official Macromedia ColdFusion training material, as well as the certification tests and Macromedia Press study guides for those tests, writes regular columns on ColdFusion and Internet development, and now spends a considerable amount of time lecturing and speaking on application development worldwide.

Silke Fleischer

Silke Fleischer is a product manager for Macromedia Captivate (formerly Robo Demo). In this role, her primary responsibility is to work closely with customers and key influencers in the eLearning industry to communicate their needs and ideas to the research and development team at Macromedia. Fleischer has been involved with multimedia tools since 2000. Fleischer joined the Macromedia team via the acquisition of eHelp Corporation, where she worked for 3 years as a product manager and focused on Robo Help and Captivate. Fleischer is a member of the eLearning Guild, ASTD and Society for Technical Communication (STC). She has been a featured speaker at several national and international conferences including MAX, STC, eLearning Guild, SALT and Tekom, as well as numerous regional events and chapter meetings.


Deb Galdes

Deb Galdes has been improving the usability of products for over 18 years. At Macromedia, Deb has been changing the way development teams think about usability by adding new usability methods and working with her team to provide usability evaluations at all phases of the product development cycle. Her goal is to always look for ways to do it cheaper, better, and faster without sacrificing quality and reliability of the data. Before joining Macromedia five years ago, Deb held Usability Engineering positions at SGI, Cosmo Software, Hewlett-Packard, and NASA Ames. She has improved web authoring tools, web applications, 3D applications, commercial aviation systems, UNIX desktops, and intelligent tutoring systems. Deb earned a M.S. in Computer Engineering from Stanford University and a Ph.D. in Industrial and Systems Engineering from Ohio State University.

Dave Gallerizo

Dave Gallerizo oversees the growth and development of the company's consulting services, web application development, and systems integration capabilities. In his role as Vice President of Consulting Services, Dave is responsible for focusing Fig Leaf Software's programming and business consulting resources, as well as its innovative spirit, on developing the best web applications to meet the client's business need. And as a Macromedia-certified instructor, Dave brings to the leadership team a deep understanding of web application programming, Macromedia ColdFusion and database development, and entrepreneurial strength. Prior to joining Fig Leaf Software in 1997, Dave designed and implemented custom client-server software for the Washington, DC area trade association market.  Dave graduated from the University of Maryland, College Park with a BS in Computer Science.

David George

David George is a software architect for Macromedia Flex.  For the current release, he is focusing on improving runtime performance.  Previously, he led the design of the MXML language, and he helped create the application model.  Prior to joining the Flex team, he was an engineering lead for the first five releases of Macromedia Dreamweaver.  Before joining Macromedia, he built a multimedia runtime engine for Sybase, and he created a 3-D photorealistic renderer for Digital Equipment.  Over the last 15 years, he has created four timeline editors; he's hoping to avoid ever creating a fifth.

Chris Georgenes

Chris is a fulltime freelance Flash designer and animator. He discovered Flash back in the days of Flash 3 and saw the “Flash-light” during his first Flash Film Festival in New York City during the summer of 2000. Chris returned home from the conference, started his website, and began pushing Flash to it’s animation limits. He is currently teaching an online course on Flash animation for and is a contributing writer for . Before his freelance career, Chris spent six years as Director of Creative Development for Soup2nuts (division of Scholastic, ) and art-directed many animated TV shows including Home Movies (Cartoon Network). Some of his clients include Digitas, Pileated Pictures, Lucas Arts, Universal Records, Gillette, AOL and more. He also maintains as his online portfolio and as his online Flash resource. Chris is also a member of Team Macromedia .

Michael Gough

Michael Gough is Macromedia’s Chief Creative Officer. An advocate for quality in digital experiences, Michael has been pushing the digital envelope for years. Previously, he was the Vice President of Brand Design at Nike, the Chief Creative Officer of Quokka Sports and the Creative Director of Construct.

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Robin Haffner

Robin Haffner is an Enterprise Technologist with HaffnerGraphic, a company she founded in January of 2000. After earning a Computer Science degree at Roger Williams University, Robin pursued a technical career that revolved around Education. As a perpetual student, a dedicated Instructor and consultant, she has kept ahead of the technology curve. Over the years, Robin has had the opportunity to speak internationally on many topics including venues such as Macromedia DevCon 2001, 2002, Sybase
User Conference Vienna, Austria 1997, Los Angeles, CA 1998, Orlando, Fla. 1999. Currently, Robin is engaged in Flash consulting for large-scale applications in the New York City area.

Michael Hazard

Michael Hazard is the manager of the Web Technology Group at the University of Rochester Medical Center, where he oversees a small team developing Web applications that support the education, research, and patient care goals of the medical center.  Mike has been involved with Contribute since its inception, and has authored books and articles on Web development topics such as XML, Coldfusion, and Contribute.

David Hassoun

David Hassoun is a senior media designer and Flash application developer for GT Alliance. David Hassoun started his career over 6 years ago in the graphic design field. It wasn ’t long until he started working in the digital media realm, and with the release of Flash 4 soon became a devoted Macromedia enthusiast. With a degree from the Art Institute of Colorado and a start with print media he has excelled as a motion & interactive media specialist. Including working with an array of digital mediums such as web design/applications, Pocket PC Development, CD-ROM applications, 3D animation, video production, motion graphics, post-production, and DVD design/authoring. David is a Certified Macromedia Instructor, and has developed, as well as currently teaching, a Rich Internet Applications class for the University of Denver as an adjunct professor.

Sean Hedenskog

Sean‘s background includes over 9 years of technical training experience. He is currently focused on working with Macromedia and its training partners to deliver high quality training. Sean has been a Macromedia Certified Instructor since 1998, when he was first certified to teach Fast Track to ColdFusion for Allaire. Since then he has gone on to teach hundreds of classes on HTML, ColdFusion, Dreamweaver and Macromedia Flash. He has also helped in the development of some of the courseware. Sean is pleased to return as a presenter at Macromedia MAX 2004.

Ryan Hicks

Ryan is a visual and interaction designer for the Macromedia Experience Design Group with a love for the interplay of content, design, and structure. He has created award-winning online and offline work for Wired Magazine, Orange Photography, The Attik, Quokka Sports, J. Walter Thompson and independent clients ranging from record labels to motorcycle racing teams. Ryan has a dual BA in conceptual design and fine art from San Francisco State University .

Simon Horwith

Simon Horwith is a freelance software architect currently consulting with companies in London, England. He is a Macromedia Certified Master Instructor, a member of Team Macromedia, and editor-in-chief of the only magazine in print exclusively for ColdFusion developers, ColdFusion
Developers Journal. Simon has been using ColdFusion since version 1.5 and consults on ColdFusion Applications that leverage Java, Flash, Flex, and a myriad of other technologies. In addition to presenting at CFUGs and conferences around the world, he has also been a contributing author of several books and technical papers. You can read his blog at

Rob Houser

Rob Houser is a founding partner of User First Services, Inc.—an Atlanta-based company that specializes in designing and creating user assistance. Through User First Services, Rob produces online help and web-based training as well as traditional documentation and training materials. Some of Rob’s  recent projects include designing and writing embedded help for Bank of America’s online bill pay Web site, designing and developing the Getting Started Tour for WS_FTP for Ipswitch Corporation, writing Help for Ceridian Employer Services, and developing Web-based training for MediaBin. Rob holds a BA in English from the University of Tennessee and a Master of Technical and Scientific Communication from Miami University of Ohio. He is a Certified RoboHelp Instructor and Certified RoboDemo Instructor. His research focuses on learning and audience as they relate to the design of graphical user interfaces, online help, and other forms of user assistance.

Sue Hove

Sue Hove is the Director of Instructor Readiness at Macromedia. For the last 7 years, she has been building hands-on, technical training for customers using ColdFusion, Dreamweaver and JRun. Sue has been teaching technical training for the last 12 years in the areas of client/server development and relational database management and design.


Matthias Immel

Matthias is Head of International Customer Propositions at T-Mobile International. He is responsible for development and rollout of all voice, messaging and data propositions in the seven branded T-Mobile countries in Europe . His main responsibilities cover the launch of key multimedia propositions such as Ringback-Tone services, music download to mobile, and News Express. Also project leadership for key initiatives such as sponsorship of European Football Championships 2004. Matthias joined the company in October 2003 following a range of positions held in the music and entertainment industry. He has worked for Stiletto Entertainment In Los Angeles, followed by six years at BMG Entertainment in Munich , where he worked his way up from Executive Assistant to the CEO, Head of Internet for Europe and Head of Product-coordination for Austria , Germany and Switzerland . His previous role before joining T-Mobile was as Director of Portal Product Management for Quam (a Telefonica/Sonera owned MNVO) in Munich .


RJ Jacquez

RJ Jacquez is a Technical Evangelist for RoboHelp and RoboDemo at Macromedia, Inc. He has twelve years of experience with RoboHelp, RoboDemo and Adobe FrameMaker, including eight years as a professional software instructor. Jacquez has lectured extensively on the subjects of single-sourcing, ePublishing, developing User Assistance, enhancing Online Help using Multimedia, and Help authoring.

Mark Jonkman

Mark Jonkman is a certified Flash MX developer and is a senior courseware programmer at PLATO Learning, Inc. He has over 6 years of experience in the field of e-learning developing courseware using both Director and Flash One of his passions is experimenting with new techniques and methods for integrating Director and Flash together in order to create richer applications. Mark has written several articles for Macromedia’s DevNet site on the subjects of integrating Flash assets within Director and working with Director MX 2004’s new JavaScript syntax. He has recently acted as a technical reviewer for a couple of Flash books.

When not glued to the keyboard, Mark enjoys spending time with his wife and four children. He also likes to “get away from it all”, hitting the road to do some camping, canoeing and fishing with his family. Recently he has begun experimenting with woodworking in order to relax and spend some quality time with his two older sons away from the computer.

Tom Jordahl

Tom is the Principal Engineer and Technical Lead for the ColdFusion Blackstone project. As part of the original ColdFusion team, he has implemented a wide variety of tags, functions and features in both the original (C++) and MX (Java) releases of CF .  Tom thinks Blackstone is going to rock, particularly the Event Gateway feature.  He is one of the primary implementers of the Apache Axis SOAP engine and is the Macromedia representative on the W3C WSDL 2.0 working group.  Before diving in to Web Services, Tom was the technical lead for ColdFusion on UNIX, leading the efforts to bring ColdFusion to Solaris and Linux.  Prior to joining Allaire in 1997, he worked at the Open Software Foundation (OSF) on the Distributed Computing Environment (DCE) and the OSF/1 UNIX operating system. 


Emily Kim

Emily Kim is President of Trilemetry, a web development firm that specializes in functional and attractive business applications. Emily has co-authored and contributed to a number of books including a college-level workbook about the Internet and various ColdFusion books. Besides being a writer, Emily is also a programmer, designer and one of Macromedia's Master Instructors. You can contact her at

Amanda Kralj-Hill

Amanda Kralj-Hill is a IT Systems Specialist for Northwestern Mutual in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. Her work has revolved around the corporate Intranet for over five years. She continues to help improve content publishing processes, standards and best practices, and site creation/maintenance techniques with Macromedia's tools. She holds a degree in Technical Communications from the Milwaukee School of Engineering.

Jerry Knight

Jerry Knight leads user interface design projects at Macromedia. He's passionate about improving the way things are done on computers, devices and beyond through easy-to-use, next-generation interfaces. Before coming to Macromedia, Jerry worked on the advanced technologies team at MetaDesign.


Paul Lamonby

Paul has worked as a Multimedia Designer for the past 5 years, specializing in Flash and incorporating PHP and MySql to create dynamic web content. Paul has also lectured at Newcastle College of Art and Design for 2 years, teaching Flash Actionscript and Flash design principles to the 2nd year Multimedia course. Now as a Director in BlueskyNorth Ltd, based in Newcastle upon Tyne , UK , Paul has been part of the Flash Lite 1.1 Beta testing team, developing interactive and dynamic content for mobile devices.

Tom Lane

Tom Lane is a Senior Software Engineer on the Macromedia Contribute team. In his seven years with Macromedia/Allaire, he began as a ColdFusion developer on the web team, moved into product development on Spectra, and became a Java engineer on ColdFusion, before his current role as a lead on the server piece of the Macromedia Web Publishing System.

Eric Lerner

Eric Lerner is a Product Manager at Macromedia in the Communications, Publishing, and Training Group. Lerner has been at Macromedia for four years, and has worked on Macromedia Contribute since its inception. In the rare moment that he's not working, he enjoys Snowboarding and Kayaking.

Joe Lowery

Joseph Lowery is an author and extension developer. His books on the Web and Web-building tools are international best-sellers, having sold over 300,000 copies world-wide in 9 different languages. As a programmer, Joseph contributed two extensions to the latest release of Fireworks MX and many, many extensions for Dreamweaver. He has presented at Seybold in both Boston and San Francisco, Macromedia UCON in the U.S. and Europe, ThunderLizard’s Web World and Fawcette Publication’s WebBuilder.

Adrian Ludwig

Adrian Ludwig, Macromedia's  Principal Security Engineer, leads Macromedia's product security efforts.  Prior to joining Macromedia in early 2004, Adrian worked with large software companies such as Microsoft, Intuit, and Seibel as a Managing Security Architect for @stake.  His consulting engagements focused on evaluation of complex security and cryptographic systems including electronic voting and DRM.  Adrian started his career as a cryptographer for the NSA.


Srinivas Manapragada

Srinivas Manapragada is a Server Architect and leads the development of Flash Communication Server. Over the last decade he has built large enterprise systems, scientific visualization applications, 3D rendering toolkits, language interpreters and high performance streaming servers. Most recently he has been working on servers that can handle large scale distributed applications over wide area networks. His other interests range from building high end audiophile equipment to playing table tennis.

David Mannl

David Mannl is a senior multimedia designer for the Innovations-Team at T-Mobile International. He is the designer of the NewsExpress application. He started to simulate mobile interfaces using Macromedia Flash 6 on a PocketPC over 2 years ago, while he worked for Siemens Mobile. He also did some exclusive prototypes for the Macromedia mobile and devices group in order to promote the Flash Lite technology to the major operators.

Anthony McClure

Anthony McClure is CTO, and Lead Instructor for RemoteSite Training with expertise in Macromedia, Microsoft, and Java technologies. He is a Certified Macromedia Instructor and Certified Macromedia Professional. Anthony has 9+ years of IT experience spanning across retail, insurance, medical and other e-business enterprises using mainframe, traditional client-server, and Internet related technologies. Anthony also has experience in project consulting, leading projects of various sizes and scopes with varying architectures. When not found teaching or running projects, Anthony tries to remain active in the Macromedia community by publishing white papers on the Macromedia website, publishing books on current Macromedia products and web publishing (see the book: Dynamic Publishing with ColdFusion MX), speaking at ColdFusion user groups, and participating in various community email lists.

Alistair McLeod

Alistair McLeod is Development Director at iteration::two, a leading European software consultancy based in Scotland , focused on delivering enterprise Rich Internet Applications using agile development methods. Alistair is a Computer Science graduate from the University of Stirling and worked for 11 years at The Standard Life Assurance Company. Recognized as a Software Engineer with a strong understanding of Enterprise Java technologies, architectural design and software development methodologies, Alistair was an early adopter of agile development methods and has been delivering agile projects into production environments for over 4 years. Alistair is recognized within Macromedia for his contributions during a number of Rich Internet product developments, most notably Macromedia Flex a nd now works at the forefront of rich client technologies, driving the development of enterprise rich client solutions using Flash MX 2004, Flex, Enterprise Java and .NET. Alistair leads the development of the testing frameworks AS2Unit and FlexUnit and co-authored “ActionScript 2.0 Design Patterns for Rich Internet Applications” in the ActionScript 2.0 Dictionary from New Riders and the official Macromedia Press title, “Developing Rich Clients with Macromedia Flex”.

Jamie Morgan

SELECT Independent Contractor, Macromedia Certified Instructor, Macromedia Certified Professional, Subject Matter Expert for Dreamweaver MX 2004
FROM Conroe ( Houston area), Texas
WHERE SQL, HTML, ASP and Dreamweaver classes will be taught, web sites will be designed, databases will be developed AND fun will be had;
The conclusion: the only thing I like better than working with Macromedia products is training others to use them.

Anup Murarka

Anup Murarka is senior director at Macromedia. Murarka is responsible for marketing in the Mobile and Devices group. Murarka comes to Macromedia from OpenTV, where he was involved in all aspects of developing OpenTV's solution offering. He was an active spokesperson for the company with customers, technology and financial analysts and industry events. Prior to Open TV, Murarka was vice president at Spyglass, Inc., holding management roles in engineering, professional services and sales. Murarka has also held engineering and management positions at technology companies including Apple Computer, The 3DO Company and SurfWatch.



Samuel Neff

Samuel Neff is a Senior Software Engineer at B-Line Express in Washington, DC, USA, where he works on both custom client applications and retail products in ColdFusion, Flash, Java, and .NET. He's a frequent speaker at local and national conferences and has contributed articles to several print and online magazines. Sam is an active member of the ColdFusion and Flash communities through his co-authored blog,, through mailing lists and online forums, and as a Team Macromedia volunteer for ColdFusion.

Nader Nejat

Nader Nejat, founder of Oakland-based OmegaMedia, specializes in helping people take advantage of interactive media. Nader designs rich data-driven multimedia applications, presentations, games, and custom software solutions for industry leaders, including Nike, Sony,
MTV, Visa, and NBC. His work appears on the internet, television, laptop presentations, video, cd-roms, and mobile devices. Nader teaches several advanced Macromedia Flash classes at San Francisco State University on Advanced Production, ActionScripting, XML as well as his premiere course on Macromedia Flash Design for Mobile Devices. He moderates the Flash for Mobile Devices forum at For more information about Omega Media or to contact
Nader about putting your ideas into action, please call 415-59-OMEGA or visit


Eric Ott

Eric Ott has over 10 years of experience as a pioneer in the web industry. His position at Macromedia as the product manager for Dreamweaver enabled him to define the direction of this highly regarded web development platform from its early days. His knowledge and experience in web design and development have given him strong insight into ways to achieve success on the web. Eric is currently the President at WebAssist. Eric also co-authored a book with Joseph Lowery titled Dreamweaver MX 2004 Web Application Recipes - published by New Riders. WebAssist partners include Macromedia, PayPal, eBay, Affinity/ValueWeb, Interwoven, Yahoo!, Google.


Nigel Pegg

Nigel Pegg is a Sr Software Engineer at Macromedia, specializing in Rich Applications using Flash. Having spent years as a multimedia producer and engineer, since arriving at Macromedia, his work includes the design and development of the V1 Flash Component Architecture and a central role in the development of the V2 Architecture. Nigel's work appears in many Macromedia products, including Flash, Flex, Central, Breeze, Cold Fusion, and Dreamweaver, and he continues to apply his passion for Flash Application architecture today on the Breeze Live team. Nigel maintains a blog on the subject of components and flash applications at

Bill Perry

Bill Perry is a freelance developer who focuses on application development for mobile devices. Bill maintains, a Macromedia Flash development resource for mobile devices. He also is a member of Team Macromedia, a frequent speaker at conferences, and the co-author of the book Flash Enabled . Currently, Bill is exploring alternative uses of dynamic Flash applications for mobile phones in various environments.

Chris Petty

Chris was born and raised in the North East of England. Realising that his dreams of becoming a successful musician were never really going to work out he decided education was the way forward, gaining a Degree in Ecology and later a Diploma in Multimedia Design. Having worked as a freelance web designer specialising in Flash for four years Chris came to the conclusion the future was mobile and is currently a director at BlueskyNorth Ltd, a Newcastle based New Media agency specialising in Flash content for mobile devices. BlueskyNorth have been involved in the development stages of Flash Lite 1.1 and were also prize-winners in the recent Motorola/3 development competition for the A920 handset. Chris and his colleagues are currently working on developing innovative games and applications authored in Flash Lite.

Christian O. Petersen

Christian O. Petersen heads up Mobile Product Planning at Macromedia’s Mobile and Devices division he joined the company in 2004. In his role he identifies and analyzes product opportunities and leads the development of the overall product strategy. He is also responsible for helping the product managers and teams across Macromedia’s Mobile and Devices division gather a variety of external and internal input and to plan and develop their products consistent with the market requirements and corporate strategy. As part of Product Planning Christian also leads the divisions effort on ensuring simple UI’s and compelling user experiences. Prior to joining Macromedia, Christian was a consultant for interactive communication to consumers and with companies such as Symbian and Microsoft.

Art Philips

Arthur Phillips has been delivering cutting edge training solutions since 1984. Art holds too many certifications as a Macromedia Instructor, Designer and Developer to list. Art was rated top scorer by Macromedia in both his Macromedia Flash and Dreamweaver certifications. Art has assisted in the development and testing of Macromedia courseware and is one of a handful of instructors to be certified in Macromedia courses that teach Rich Internet Application Development.

Brandon Purcell

Brandon Purcell started at Macromedia/Allaire four years ago as a support engineer working with ColdFusion and JRun. He has worked with the Professional Services Group helping customers with their architecture planning, code reviews, customized training, load testing, and performance tuning. He has also worked on special projects including the clustering, load testing and deployment of the new website. During his tenure with Macromedia, he has supported ColdFusion, JRun, Flash Remoting, and has written white papers and articles on clustering and high availability with ColdFusion and JRun. Currently he is working as an escalation engineer for the Flex Server Support Organization. You can visit him at


Holly Quarzo

As Chief Creative Officer, Holly Quarzo directs and oversees all visual creative aspects for echo11media, inc., a full-service custom eLearning development and Macromedia Authorized Training company. By strategically integrating user-centered design with interactive multimedia technology, she concepts and creates effective and impactful elearning applications. Holly’s expertise includes diverse facets of computer-based graphic design, Web design and multimedia. Holly is also a top Macromedia certified instructor and Dreamweaver MX subject-matter expert. She teaches Macromedia Flash MX, Dreamweaver MX, and Fireworks MX. She holds a Master’s degree in Fine Arts, Graphic Design and Computer Graphics, from Indiana State University, where she graduated with distinction, and a Bachelor’s degree in Studio Arts from the University of Rochester.


Bob Regan

Bob Regan is the senior product manager for education and government at Macromedia. In that role, he looks at features, techniques, and issues that affect designers, developers, and government and education end users. This includes topics such as accessibility, learning objects, and security.

Regan joined Macromedia in 2001 as the product manager for accessibility, helping to shape and articulate Macromedia’s accessibility effort. He continues to work with designers and developers and engineers from around the world to communicate existing strategies for accessibility, as well as develop new strategies. At the same time, Regan oversees work within Macromedia to improve the accessibility of Macromedia tools.

Regan has a Masters degree from Columbia University in Education. He is a contributing author to several books including, “Constructing Accessible Web Sites,” “The Flash Usability Guide,” “Dynamic Dreamweaver MX,” and “The Webmasters Handbook.” Regan also writes a blog that is available at

Brian Robbins

Brian Robbins develops games for Fuel Industries, a leading Canadian agency. His recent projects have focused on cutting edge online 3D projects promoting Fuel and its clients. Over the past 5 years he has contributed to nearly 100 game titles, ranging from small Flash games, to full-scale Shockwave 3D experiences. Brian has presented at numerous industry conferences including Macromedia UCON, FlashInTheCan, the Game Developer’s Conference, Games & Mobile Forum, and the WebDevCon. He is also very involved in the game development community, having contributed to numerous white papers Online Games white papers produced by the International Game Developer Association, and currently chair of the IGDA’s Online Games SIG. He has a BS in Computer Science, and an MBA from the University of Denver.

Rob Rusher

Rob Rusher is a Principal Consultant with AYC, based in Denver, Colorado, which is an e-business integrator, providing professional services for Internet strategy and development. Rob is an active member is several user groups and web forums regarding ColdFusion and Java development. As a Certified ColdFusion Instructor Developer, he has helped ColdFusion developers across the country create fast and secure applications through on-site consulting, presentations, publications, and training.

Peter Ryce

Peter Ryce is a product evangelist at Macromedia. Ryce has been involved in graphic software product management and marketing for the past 12 years, the last 4 years at Macromedia. His product experience with Macromedia technology includes Director, Macromedia Flash Communication Server and most recently, Breeze. Prior to Macromedia, Ryce worked as an IT Manager at KPMG, Industry Product Manager for 3D Interactive Applications at Alias, as well as Executive Producer at He has experience in consulting, teaching, and developing computer-based training (CBT) for graphic products.


Jim Schley

Jim Schley is an engineer on the ColdFusion team at Macromedia. Prior to joining Allaire in June of 2000, he worked to build e-commerce web sites and enterprise web applications for such customers as the U.S. Mint, the FAA, Pfizer, Pharmacia, The BOC Group, and Schering-Plough. Jim has many years experience building enterprise applications with ColdFusion (since version 2.0) and Java. Jim has a strong background in Application Servers and Operating Systems and specializes in application performance analysis and tuning. Jim is an alumnus of the Johns Hopkins University where he received a Bachelor's degree in Earth and Planetary Science. Jim is also a Microsoft Certified Database Administrator. Several of Jim’s articles on ColdFusion topics have been published, and he has worked as a technical editor and consultant on several popular ColdFusion books.

John Schuman

John is a senior sales engineer for Macromedia who has been working with Flash since the very early days of the product. He has traveled extensively, demonstrating and teaching Flash to designers and artist all over the world. John helped to establish the current Macromedia sales office in Singapore in 2000 – 2001. While living in Asia John often worked with local design firms on major Flash projects. John has several years of experience in traditional and digital graphic and multimedia technologies and has been working with Macromedia for over six years now. He currently works in support of the Macromedia education sales team from his home office in Los Angeles California.

Leo Schuman

Technical training, complex data reporting, and web application development have been central to Leo's career for over ten years. For the past five, he has been among the most active and well reviewed Macromedia Flash, Actionscript, and ColdFusion instructors in the world. He serves as a Macromedia Certified Master Instructor with Codepattern Software Services, delivering high caliber classroom training, engaging technical courseware, and robust web application experiences. Contact him about your training needs through

Laurent Sellier

Laurent Sellier is a Senior Product Manager at Macromedia in the Mobile and Devices Group. Throughout his career, Laurent actively participated in defining and building end-to-end solutions that enable Wireless Operators to introduce value added services. Prior to joining Macromedia, Laurent worked at Inktomi where he was the lead Product Manager in their Wireless Division. Previously, Laurent worked in Cap Gemini Ernst and Young Research and Development facilities for the Telecom Industry in Atherton. He started his professional career at Vivendi in Paris doing Product Management and Business Development in their Internet Division. Laurent received a Bachelor of Science from a leading University in France - Ecole Speciale des Travaux Publics (ESTP) in Paris - and attended University of California Los Angeles (UCLA) in its Master of Science program. Additionally, he holds a Master of Business from Ecole des Hautes Etudes Commerciales (HEC) in Paris.

Simon Slooten

Simon Slooten is founder and CEO of Prisma IT, a Macromedia Alliance Partner (ISV, Solution Provider, Hosting & Training) based in Rotterdam , the Netherlands. Since 1997, he has been a Macromedia Certified Master Instructor and he is a Macromedia Certified Advanced ColdFusion MX, Flash MX and Dreamweaver MX developer. Simon has over 20 years of international experience in the computer industry in software development, consultancy and training. He started using the internet when he worked for a Digital Equipment (DEC) partner in 1985. When he first saw ColdFusion in 1996, he was immediately sold and has been using the product ever since. He is a regular speaker and has spoken at various Macromedia/Allaire Developer Conferences, CF-Europe, Flashtival, and many other international events.

Waldo Smeets

Waldo Smeets is Macromedia's Sales Engineer and Rich Internet Application Consultant in Belgium, Netherlands and Luxembourg. In this role he advices Macromedia partners and customers like Cap Gemini, Accenture and Dutch broadcasting organizations on both the business as well as the technical aspects of delivering Enterprise Rich Internet Applications. Waldo is specialized in emerging Macromedia products like Flex, Flash Communication Server, Flash for Mobile Devices and Breeze. He is one of the very few in the world that have obtained all Macromedia certifications and he maintains a Macromedia related weblog at In his spare time Waldo likes to spend time with his family, read books, being active in one of the local Macromedia communities or travel to various places.

Mike Sorrentino

Mike Sorrentino has been involved in IT consulting and web application development for over six years. In his role as team leader of the Atlanta office for Fig Leaf Software, Mike is responsible for architecting and developing customized solutions for a variety of industries and platforms. Mike is both a Macromedia Certified Instructor and Developer. Prior to joining Fig Leaf Software in 2001, Mike designed and implemented custom web applications as a consultant for CSC Consulting in Houston, Texas. Mike graduated from Vanderbilt University with a B.E. in electrical engineering and a B.S. in mathematics.

Jeanette Stallons

Jeanette Stallons is Curriculum Architect at Macromedia where she is the technical lead for defining the scope and content of the Macromedia Authorized Training curriculum. In addition to guiding the curriculum, Jeanette also writes some of the courses. In the last year she co-developed, wrote, and built the Developing Rich Internet Applications with Flash MX and Advanced ColdFusion MX Development courses. Between product cycles, Jeanette divides her time teaching the courses, training, certifying, and supporting instructors world-wide to teach the courses, building intranet and Internet applications, and speaking at conferences. Jeanette has a boundless enthusiasm for learning and teaching, with a particular interest in programming languages. For the last 5 years, she has immersed herself in the web world, building web applications and teaching various web technologies. Prior to that, she spent 10 years in the engineering world, writing simulations and solving problems using her degrees in Chemistry and Chemical Engineering.


James Talbot

James has been with Macromedia for three and a half years. Before he came to Macromedia he was a project manager in the e-learning space. James started out as a Sales Engineer where he traveled around the world visiting customers and doing seminars. After the Allaire merger, he moved from California to New York City and worked for the Macromedia Educational Services team. He has put together the entire Macromedia Flash curriculum (along with Matt Boles) as well as assisting with other products, and co-authored the Developing Rich Internet Applications Course and Advanced ActionScript for Applications course. James has also worked directly with the Macromedia Flash engineers and provided guidance on future product direction. He develops curriculum, teaches courses, performs instructor certifications, and assists with consulting assignments. He has also worked on many of the Macromedia certification exams as well as contributing to Macromedia Press books, and has spoken at numerous conferences and trade shows. James has also worked on various Rich Internet Applications for TV Guide, AOL/Time Warner and Road Runner Interactive.

Jeff Tapper

Jeff Tapper is the Chief Technologist for Consulting. He has worked on a myriad of projects, for clients including Toys R Us, IBM, Allaire, Dow Jones, American Express, M&T Bank, Verizon, and Allied Office Supplies, among others. As a Macromedia Instructor, he is currently certified to teach all of Macromedia’s courses on ColdFusion and Macromedia Flash development. Jeff has been a member of the ColdFusion development community since 1995, and has co-authored 3 books on internet application development: "Allaire Spectra e-Business Construction Kit," "Advanced Macromedia ColdFusion 5 Application Development," and most recently "Dynamic Publishing with ColdFusion MX." He is also a frequent speaker at Macromedia Development Conferences and user groups. He is pleased to be speaking again at Macromedia MAX. Jeff formed Consulting to focus on developing Rich Internet Applications and empowering clients through mentoring.

Kevin Towes

Kevin Towes is the author of the book, Flash Communication Server MX, published by Macromedia Press. He is an active speaker and author of many articles focusing on the integration of ColdFusion and Macromedia Flash Technologies. His strong background as a professor at Ryerson University in Toronto. Kevin has a unique understanding of Macromedia Server and Tools technologies. Kevin is currently working on a training program for the Macromedia Flash Communication Server.


Scott Van Vliet

Scott Van Vliet is a Senior Consultant with Hitachi Consulting, and has been architecting and developing solutions with ColdFusion for over 5 years.  He has worked with teams of many sizes to deliver enterprise solutions for companies across the globe.  In addition to client-focused solutions, Scott enjoys writing on topics of varying technologies, and has contributed articles to several publications, including Sys-Con’s MX Developers Journal.

Glenda Vigoreaux

Glenda Vigoreaux is a Macromedia Certified Instructor for ColdFusion and Dreamweaver with over 10 years experience as a technical trainer. Most of her career has been devoted to technical training, application development and public speaking. To complement her technical skills and to help clients discover their true potential, Glenda founded GVXcellence as a subsidiary of her company GVX Technology. In her new role, she coaches individuals in development of the attitudes, goal setting skills and positive behaviors necessary to become the best they can be in their personal and professional lives. She has a Master of Science degree in Information Systems and is also a certified facilitator and coach for Resource Associates Corporation in the processes of developing leadership and management skills. This is Glenda’s fourth year as a featured speaker in the Macromedia MAX Conference.


Dave Watts

Dave Watts founded Fig Leaf Software with Steve Drucker in 1992. As CTO, Dave drives the technology vision and enhances Fig Leaf’s competitive edge by developing the company’s performance tuning practice and monitoring its best practices. Recognized as an expert in the ColdFusion community, Dave has been developing browser-based applications with ColdFusion since version 1.5. He co-authored The ColdFusion Web Application Construction Kit, first and second editions. As a Macromedia-certified instructor, Dave combines exceptional teaching with course development. Dave specializes in the integration of ColdFusion with external technologies.

Steven Webster

Steven Webster  is Technical Director at iteration::two, a leading European software consultancy based in Scotland, focused on delivering enterprise Rich Internet Applications with J2EE and .NET using agile development methods. A graduate of Computer Science and Electronics from Edinburgh University, Steven was an ASIC Designer prior to delivering desktop software applications for hardware and software co-simulation. Steven then delivered a number of online banking, insurance and commerce applications in the UK, before founding iteration::two with Alistair McLeod. The author of “Reality J2EE – Architecting for Flash MX” and co-author of “Design Patterns for RIAs” and “Developing Rich Clients with Macromedia Flex”, Steven has rapidly gained recognition as a thought-leader in the RIA community, most notably for the application of best-practices and methodologies from enterprise software development into the emerging discipline of Rich Internet Applications. In his leisure time, Steven is Chief Instructor of Edinburgh University Shukokai Karate Club, who he has coached to 3 British Championship wins in the last 4 years.

James Williamson

James is the Director of Training at Interactive Fun!, and has over nine years of print design, web design and digital prepress experience. In addition to his work with Interactive Fun!, James is the President of the Charlotte Society of Communicating Arts and a member of the Curriculum Advisory Board for the Art Institute of Charlotte. He has been a featured speaker at several events, including DevCon and Flashforward and his latest projects include being a contributing author in the latest Flash Magic book from New Riders.


Natalie Zee

Natalie Zee is the Director of Rich Media for sbi.razorfish where she has amassed years of experience building leading-edge interactive projects for such top brands as Mattel, Saturn, Yahoo!, Visa, Macromedia, and Apple. As an award-winning designer, her work has been featured in such publications as I.D. Magazine, Communication Arts, and showcased in other web design books. She is the co-author of three web design books, currently "HTML & Web Artistry 2: More than Code" published by New Riders, and one business trade book, "The Last Mile: Broadband and the Next Internet Revolution" published by McGraw-Hill. A regular speaker at Web conferences around the country, Natalie holds a degree in Mass Communications and Technology from the University of California at Berkeley .


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